Graphics Glitch Random Number and Letters

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Weirdest thing in this game on occasion completely random I will get letters and numbers popping up all over the screen, Is this common with this game or is my vid card about to crap out on me (although I haven't noticed it in any other game so far thought I'd ask.) Also Fix Maghda!!!! lol
This has been happening on my laptop recently. I'm guessing it's my card overheating and unfortunately I can't control fan speed on my laptop. No issues on my desktop though.
looked around said somewhere that this was an issue with the SSC which I have so contacted mfg and they had me run a stress test which came out better then fine since I maintain my card very well and added an aftermarket heatsink and fan so my temps werent an issue and no artifacts were reported during an hour long stress test on max settings . as I said this game is the only one doing it .too bad my laptops too old to run it I'd give it a go on it .... guess Ill keep playing hoping this isnt the game to kill my video card

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