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K, I farm regularly, through all of the acts. I have a Wizard, lvl 60, Paragon 48. I've put the time in. I have never found a single weapon over 980 DPS (I know because I keep my biggest weapon find in my inventory for reference) . I can comfortably go through inferno (LVL difficulty 2) with very few deaths. When 1.0.5 rolled out I was getting Legendary Item drops 1 or 2 times a day. Some of them were good (even great), some were bad. I was having tons of fun with these new drops. I liked the potential of good drops. But for the last week or so, no legendaries at all. No good items either. . .nothing I would feel comfortable selling for 50,000-100,000 gold in the store, AT ALL!!!. I figured that the Blizzard team modified the drops to coincide with the infernal machine, and made it so that their primary great drops would come out of opening the gate, and fighting the two bosses in the arena. I have now opened up 2 portholes. The first one I did with LVL 2 difficulty and lost miserably many times! It totally sucked I died and died. Second time I did it on LVL 1 difficulty, with 5 Nephalm Valor of course. I do everything with full Nephalm Valor. (OH AND I ALSO HAVE 320 Magic Find, and 320 Gold Find) I did not expect to get one of the body pieces but I did expect to find at least 1 good item, something sellable or wearable! NOT THE CASE!!! I got lousy, horrific items that made regular play with no nephalm valor look great! I was so disappointed that I am now turning to the community to plead for help?!! What am I doing wrong?!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!! This is soooo frustrating!
I don't have 320 MF yet but can rarely find something good.

Rares are just that, I ID 100 of them to sell off 2-3 for 10-50k each. The rest are vendor bait.

The only way to guarantee higher level drops is to get to MP 5+ to get a chance at better tables.

If you gear is not good enough focus on getting one or two upgrades from your farming and go to MP3, then eventually MP4.

It sucks. I have played since Day 1 and only recently got the money to buy better than garbage gear. One drop will change it all, if/when you get it.
ok so im kinda having the same problem as the player above me. i even went out and bought magic finding gear. with ever think on befor nv my magic find is 350. after nv is around 500. i can never find legdarys tho. ive only found one and it was lame. although ive never done the inferanal machine quest or what ever it is but i feel like i should find at least somthing with my mg find that high right?
^^^^wow logged on with wrong chartar.^^^^
That is exactly what I thought. With MF at 340 now, I find more rare gear, and the value (selling to a vendor) of reg gear has gone up. But the "quality" of rare gear has declined with the higher MF. And I've had high MF and GF for a long time, and the reward is not there. I think I'm going to refocus strinctly to power and set my MF and GF aside, until it starts to get fixed.
its better to farm mp0-2 fast with high level gear than to try and max mf.
i sold a lot of rare armors with GF+pickups, rest onli junk. found several good 1-h and the best one is 12xx dps wizard wand...come with LS and socket..
im also very sad with rolls on armors... always got xx stats and resist (no AR) onli.. donno what Blizzard is thinking.
2-h weapon also sad... 6xx-7xx dps most all the time..

now farm A3 MP3 with my 28 pickup gears..

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