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11/23/2012 12:38 AMPosted by Iconoklast
I just started playing TL2 and already I am having more fun with and feeling more connected to my character than I was when playing Diablo 3. I was skeptical at first but then I read the ign review and a few other reviews and it was mentioned that the guys at Blizzard North, the creators of Diablo and Diablo 2, founded Runic Games and are the developers that worked on TL2. I was sold at that point so I downloaded the free demo, looked at the game design, the world, the skills and character building and it's pretty much EXACTLY like diablo 2 but with a few improvements. Loving TL2 right now and I purchased the full digital game. Indie studios really care about their games, they aren't beholden to shareholders and it shows.

Welcome to the club. I still like D3 and try it for a while each new patch, but TL2 is way more fun.
Also there is a list of vanilla players on the runic website, the guild area. Aka dont use mods etc.


Plus just under the guild area on the website are other good threads if your worried about playing with people who modded.

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