How much is my DH worth?

Demon Hunter
Really not a fan of my DH and i'm just trying to find out how much I could possibly get if I sold his gear as a whole. I know it's not the best but he's pushing 70k DPS unbuffed and has a decent amount of HP and MF. Any help would be appreciated.
Dude my DH is hardly worth anything. Don't ask questions you don't want the answers to.
I know it's not gonna be worth a whole lot hehe, even if I got like 10-15 mil for the whole set i'd be happy it would go towards upgrades for me barb.
I think the issue is gonna be "selling it as a whole".

Some gear is "ok" some well... not really gonna be worth anything.

Personally I'd take what you have and piece it out on the AH. sell it for 70% or normal going price or 60% I am not sure if you will get in the 10-15m range based on what I see.

Only exception would be to sell the inna pants/belt at a nice discount to someone here in the forums since those who may not have either piece can get the "bonus" deal persay.

best of luck to ya .... naaaaah I don't mean that.... I mean... have fun traitor...goin to the dark side...... LOLOLOLOLOL

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