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So i'd like to know some acronyms i have never heard of while simultaniously naming some acronyms i am aware of:

--- General ---

  • OS - Open Socket (Has Sockets on items)
  • LL - Life Leech (affix bonus X% Damage is converted to life)
  • LS - Life Steal (quite the same as LL)
  • LoH - Life on Hit
  • LpSS - Life per Spirit Spent (Monks only)
  • LpS - Life per Second (Liferegeneration)
  • Thorns - Used in the "Damage to Attacker" Affix
  • CC - Critical Chance
  • CD - Critical Damage
  • iAS - Increases Attack Speed (which increases your actual attacks per second, while weapons can have increased attack speed, they will buff their own attack speed and not your chars attacks per second)
  • GG Item - Used for naming good items (is usually used in pvp games like StarCraft or Dota which means Good Game) [Sidenote: this could also mean good gear or godly gear if you want to tell someone that he/she has nice gear]
  • GFG - Means good f*ckin game
  • BiS - Best in Slot (this is used for items that could be the best item of their type, e. g. you post "BiS Amu" which means it's one hell of an amulet)
  • PVP - Players versus Player (Game Mode alot of people are waiting for, you fight other Players instead of Monsters)
  • PVE - Player versus Enviroment (Game Mode that refers to when the Player is fighting computer controlled enemies)
  • SC - SoftCore (Normal Game Mode)
  • HC - Hardcore (Game Mode, when you die, your character and it's items are lost forever)
  • MP? - Monster Power (? can be any number from 0-10)
  • APS - Attacks per Second (How often your character can attack per second)
  • DPS - Damage per Second (Your average damage dealt per second)
  • EHP - Effective Health Points (This number is calculated by using your Armor, Resistances, Health and other damage reducing stats. Often used in external sites.)
  • EDPS - Effective DPS
  • + - Often used when farming for Keys/Organs and said item dropped
  • e - Used when encountering an Elite Pack
  • g - Used when encountering a Goblin
  • QQ - Refered to people complaining which actually looks like they would be whining (e.g. stop QQ)
  • Int - Intelligence (Stat)
  • Dex - Dexterity (Stat)
  • Str - Strength (Stat)
  • Vit - Vitality (Stat)
  • AR - All Resistance
  • CCR - Crowd Control Reduction (used for the "Reduced time frozen" affixes)
  • RD - Reflect Damage (Affix on Elite Packs)
  • DDs - Damage Dealers or high damage Classes (Wizard, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor)
  • zDPS - zero Damage Per Second used when one character does no damage but is still viable due to massive croud controls/buffs/debuffs. Mostly used on monks because of EP and their Mantras.
  • Split Farming or Split Bounties - Usually when 4 player do bounties on different locations. Most likely be done on normal difficulty because it's the fastest one.
  • MS - Movement Speed
  • CotA - Crypt of the Ancients. Area in Act 1 Festering Woods which was used for it's easy experienced.

--- General Chat ---

  • LFG - Looking for Group
  • WTB - Want to Buy (posted by people looking for specific items)
  • WTS - Want to Sell (posted by people that are trying to sell items)
  • WTT - Want to Trade (this is used when people don't want gold for their items but rather a different item)
  • ISO - In Search of (afaik means the same as WTB, people looking for specific gear)
  • PC - Price Check (this is used by people being ingame, they want to know if the item they post is worth something and if possible how much it is worth) [Sidenote: there are always people that post the vendor value of items as an answer, they think it's funny... darn u ppl]
  • Trifecta - Items with (commonly) the most valuable affixes (CC, CD, iAS)

--- Character/Class Specific ---

  • DH - Demon Hunter
  • WD - Witch Doctor
  • Wiz - Wizard
  • Barb - Barbarian
  • CM - Critical Mass (Wizard Passive)
  • SSS - Seven Sided Strike (Monk Active)
  • FoT - Fist of Thunder (Monk Primary)
  • WoL - Wave of Light (Monk Active)
  • WW - Whirlwind (Barb Active)
  • RLTW - Sprint with Run Like The Wind Rune (Barb Active)
  • DW - Double WW OR Dual Wield (Whirlwind combined with Sprint + Run Like The Win)(Dual Wield means using 2 1h Weapons)
  • OWE - One with everything (Monk Passive)
  • HoTa - Hammer of the Ancients (Barb Active)
  • WotB - Wraith of the Berserker(Barb Active)
  • EQ - Earthquake (Barb Active)
  • ToC - Vault with Trail of Cinders Rune (Demonhunter Active)
  • NT - Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles Rune (Demonhunter Active)
  • TR - Tempest Rush (Monk Skill primarily used for farming)
  • APoC - Wizard Resource Arcane power on Crit

--- Item Specific ---

  • EF - Echoing Fury (Legendary 1 Handed Mace)
  • WKL - Won Khim Lau (Legendary Fist Weapon)
  • IK - Immortal King (Set for Barb)
  • Zuni - Zunimassa(Set for Int-Chars)

--- Area Specific ---

  • VotA - Vault of the Assassin (This is a dungeon in act 2, desolate sands. It contains alot of elites. People are often using this dungeon for farming Leorics Signet. I personally use this one for keyfarming, VotA -> Oasis -> rejoin game)

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OS = Open Socket(s)
Thanks for the post. I've been trying to figure some of these out myself.
Open Socket
It is ridiculous how many I see on these forums lol. Thanks for this thread.
DW - double ww (ww+rltw ticks) a lot of people just say ww build but i've seen DW thrown around as well

RLTW - run like the wind (barb skill)
HoTa - hammer of the ancients (barb skill)
EQ - earthquake (barb skill)

SS - smokescreen (dh skill)/sharpshooter (SHSH sometimes used to differentiate between the two if both used in same sentence) else when they say xxx dps w/o ss implies sharpshooter

W/O - without
W/ - with
B/O - buyout
BIN - buy it now (same as B/O but i think BIN carried over from ebay)
C/O - current offer

ToC - trail of cinders (dh skill)
NT - nether tentacles (dh skill)

DPS - damage per sec
APS - attacks per sec (shown on the character menu)

IIRC - if i recall correctly
QFT - quoted for truth
L2P - learn to play
P2W - pay to win
F2P - free to play
P2P - pay to play (or peer to peer for use of torrents)

just wanted to add the chat ones because i had to google them myself when i first saw it
Thanks ghostblade, i added some of yours. Tho some of them are way to general. Most internet users should actually know what stuff like w/ and f2p means. Also iirc means "if i remember correctly" :P
Bump for usefulness.
VotA - "Vault of the Assassin"
A dungeon in act 2 with a relatively high-density of elite inhabitants..
It's not an acronym if you can't pronounce it. Some of those are acronyms but most are not.
I'm sure most know this one but I only figured it out recently due to not seeing it often.

TL:DR - Too Long Didn't Read
So what's 'GG' now? It originated as "Good Game" during Quake deathmatching back in the 90s as a friendly gesture at the start/end of a match, but the way I see it used in these forums leads me to believe it has been changed by the D3 community to mean something else. What that is, I don't know.
what is a gg item or gfg item, makes no sense to me.

also whats ISO? i see it all the time and just naturally assume its threads requiring my input :P
GG is still good game, or great game same thing

GG item means it's the best of its' kind, like trifectas or perfectly rolled items (max x etc.), GFG i think is used to emphasize it (good fkin game)

for example:



9% cc
90% cd
250 dex


10% cc
100% cd
250 dex
9% ias

ISO i don't know, never seen it.
just did a search and it came up as "In search of" kinda like WTB (want to buy) or LF (looking for)

also forgot about

BiS - best in slot
what is a gg item or gfg item, makes no sense to me.

also whats ISO? i see it all the time and just naturally assume its threads requiring my input :P

GG = good game or godly gear or good gear

ISO = In Search Of
thanks both of you :)
Trading forum acronyms:

WTS = Want to Sell
WTT = Want to Trade
WTB = Want to Buy
GG = ??
BiS = Best in Server (or maybe best in slot I guess)
PC = Price Check
IK = Immortal King barb set
Ahh, "Godly Gear" makes sense! Thank you.
11/15/2012 07:32 AMPosted by frisch
OS: Open Socket (Has Sockets on items)

OS was a D2 term to say it has sockets that aren't being used. This is totally irrelevant to D3 and people should just put s.

I'm reminded of "dragon kill points" coming from EQ into other games. You'd get DKP for killing things that aren't even dragons anymore. People eventually went up to "gold dragon kill points" which means you spent gold on DKP. DKP was used to buy items won in the raid.
Just updated the post. Thanks guys.

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