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Another smooth run from Grizlor & the team, Thank you very much!
just did another run, nice job guys
must be my lucky day, got a 3 crit mempo, trifecta hellfire and crappy inna pant on 1 run.

thank you so much guys.
If you need help with ubers only contact one of following members here Grizlor#1766, Nothinsuss#1591, Yokies#6303 and TigerBlood#6383 leave a msg "help with Ubers". If the person you added don't respond in time please add another member on the contact list.

Cheers guys.
Just did a MP10 run with Nothinsuss Grizlor and Manor craft this beauty of a ring.

Add Defy#1750 to organise ubers for u.

Just did 12 machines with these guys thanks a bunch again top work
Just want to thank HELLRARZ and Grizlor for the MP10 carry :P

All i had to do was stand there and not move.

They got me my 100th HF :P
Big thanks from me for MP10 carry on 9 machines. Fantastic not to have to waste machines on lower MP levels.
Kudos to Griz, Nerd and Nuthinsuss. Awesome run, took just over 15 min and thanks for the bunch of legendaries too. See you again guys
Rolled with Griz, suss and evo and had no problem with ubbers on mp10

thanks guys. you guys are awsome and very efficient.

highly recommended.
Great run with Griz, suss and cg.

Crafted my 1st hellring.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again and big ups to the boys
Just did a run with these guys.

Very quick and best of all, very friendly too.

Will definitely recommend and run with again.
Another quick and smooth run with Grizlor, Nothinssus and Gure. Great work guys on MP10 we destroyed the poor ubers :)

Keep the good work. I highly recommend these guys!

hey guys, im doing a few key runs now, since i can only handle up to mp-7 its not a gaurentee drop im finding it quite hard.

im just after getting 3 sets of keys so i can open the 3 portals and see what all the fuss is about with the ubers lol

if anyone could help would appreciate ill add a few from the main list and see how i go

Just did a run for the first time with these guys. Was good.
just did 6 runs with Dangermouse,tigerblood and nothinsuss

being very squishy i played dead and they cleared all under 45 min (6 gates)

thanks guys, looking forward to do more runs with you

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