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What are the things that you guys think that are useless in the game?

I'll start: Blacksmith
Broken axe.
atm? Open Public Games maybe.
11/08/2012 06:53 AMPosted by Formosa
I'll start: Blacksmith

They did make him slightly more useful when they allowed him to repair items.

Pole Arms are my choice for useless.
The map.
Most of the community.
blackmsith, whismyshire are 2 really good answers
So many of the crap item affixes that don't help at all.

For example:
damage returned to attacker (usually equivalent to 1/10000 of their health)
Health globes heal x more (normal health globes heal enough, this is dumb)

Many others
White and blue items in inferno. And those clump of bones in arreat.
Ubers kinda useless already for most players. Act 4 freakin useless. 90% of legs.
The developers attempts at fixing this game.
Grey/Whites (I know they are confetti but still..)

Wasted itemization

Forced cutscenes

that lady i always try to leave in the spider cavern, the mystic i believe.
Blacksmith, whismyshire, A4, half of the runes (being generous), follower relics, thorns, banners.
Items you can buy from vendors are mostly useless.

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