[Guide] Gearing tips from Sir Piffle

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***I am taking a small break from Diablo. I am still somewhat active on the forums, but if you friend me in-game for advice you are probably not going to get any help. Sorry!

Perhaps the most common type of thread on these forums is the "I need help improving my gear" variety. Most of the time, these threads come from people whose characters are struggling through Inferno for the first time or are struggling with the lower levels of Monster Power (MP). This thread is aimed at those types of players. If you're working your way through MP 5+ or you're wondering how to get from 98k dps to 105k, this thread is probably not going to be your cup of tea.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to write this guide. I feel like I’ve got a lot of good information that can help a lot of people, but trying to get everything written down made everything seem bloated, clumsy, and overly verbose. Nobody wants to spend 8 hours reading through a guide, most people want quick and easy advice.

So with that in mind I’m splitting this guide up into two sections. The first section will be the TL;DR section where I just tell you what to look for in general, the second section will deal more with general gearing philosophies and the like, and the third section will be an example of creating a budget set. So without further ado (or rambling):

Section 1: TL;DR
Here’s what you want to look for in each spot, keeping in mind that you want about 30-40k health, double stacked resist where possible, and as much Dexterity as possible:

Hat: Socket (for exp gem), crit chance (max is 6)
Amulet: Combination of XX-XX dmg, crit chance (max is 10), attack speed (max is 9), crit dmg (max is 100)
Chest: 3 sockets
Gloves: Combination of crit chance (max is 10), attack speed (max is 9), crit dmg (max is 50)
Pants: 2 sockets
Bracers: Crit chance (max is 6)
Rings: Combination of XX-XX dmg, crit chance (max is 6), attack speed (max is 9), crit dmg (max is 50)
Boots: Movement speed, in an ideal world
Weapons: Native crit dmg, high dex, open socket

On Rings and Amulets, pay close attention to min/max damage. They actually add a lot more damage than people realize (for me, roughly 1 min/max dmg = 1.75 dex = 2% crit dmg), and are therefore usually underpriced.

That’s basically it. The most important thing of all though is USING A DAMAGE CALCULATOR. Is the bold/all caps working? Seriously, if you don’t want to waste your money, use one. They’re included at the end of the guide.
Section 2: Long-winded ramblings
Aha, now my favorite part. I’m going to break this up into 5 parts:
1) Gearing philosophies
2) Auction House guidelines
3) Legendaries/Set pieces
4) Life on Hit/Lifesteal
5) Links for damage calculators and other info

Part 1: Philosophizing on gearing strategies
The first thing that we need to understand is that, unless you have unlimited funds, you aren’t going to be able to afford perfect pieces. So it’s important to get the best bang for your buck because you’ll have to sacrifice something here and there.

With that being said, I am not a big fan of loading up on one stat on particular pieces of gear at the expense of another (i.e. getting bracers with 150 dex but no vitality). It might be cheaper in the short run, but in the long run it’s going to make it harder to upgrade other pieces and make you less flexible in the ways you can gear. I prefer to get a little of everything on every slot. You’ll see this in my budget set example.

Gearing yourself up on a budget is, as I said above, all about getting the best bang for your buck. Finding market inefficiencies is extremely important. Here is what I’ve found to be true in general:

1) XX-XX damage is the best stat for jewelry.

For example, right now in the AH there is a ring with a 100k buyout that has 34-56 dmg, 77 Dex, 42 Vit, 35 Arcane Res, and 4% crit. In the set I will show below, 90 min/max damage is equivalent to 32 Crit damage. The cheapest ring available that has 60+ dex, 4+ crit, 30+ crit dmg along with vit and arcane res is 1.25 million buyout. That 90 min/max damage is also equivalent to 6% AS; the cheapest ring with 4+ crit chance, 6+ AS, 60+ dex along with vit and arcane res is 2.5 million buyout.

If you’re on a budget, why are you spending 10-20 times more money on crit damage and attack speed?

2) Slower weapons are cheaper.

This isn’t always the case, but I have found that, in general, Swords and Fists are more expensive simply because they are faster. I have never thought it was worth paying the premium for more spirit, but that’s a personal choice you need to make. To be honest, on higher MP levels I find I have more spirit than I know what to do with, and that’s using a spear and an axe. If you’re not using LoH, speed isn’t as important.

3) Attack speed on gloves is more expensive than crit damage

In most cases, I have found that 1% AS is roughly equivalent to 5% CD. That obviously depends on your gear setup, but using that as a rough guideline we can quickly assess options in the AH. Looking in the AH right now, there’s a pair of gloves with 8.5% crit and 30% CD for 450k buyout. Leaving the rest of our parameters the same and changing the CD filter to be AS 6+, we find the cheapest pair is 3 million. Now, I actually think that AS is more important than CD on your gloves and that you should try to get there someday. But if you’re on a budget, there’s no reason to pay 6 times as much for the same amount of damage*.

*Someone is going to come along and point out that because of cyclone, the paper doll damage from CD is not the same as the paper doll damage from AS. Well nyah, I beat you to it.

Part 2: Auction House Guidelines
One of the most important, yet often ignored, aspects of gearing one's self is using the auction house. If you're on a budget, just knowing what you want on your gear isn't enough - you need to get it for an appropriate price, too.

It's important to remember that every stat comes with a cost, whether that be a higher price or simply at the expense at another important stat. A good example of this is movement speed boots. You can find boots with high dex, high vit, and double stacked resists for X. You can find boots with high dex, high vit, a single resist, and movement speed for X. But if you want high dex, high vit, double stacked resists, and movement speed, you're going to be paying 10X. Think of this along the lines of being the opportunity cost for stats.

So with that in mind, here are some general tips I've found useful for using the auction house in a cost effective manner.

1) Set a budget
It's important to set a budget not only overall, but also for individual slots. If you want to upgrade multiple pieces, designate a portion of your overall budget for each slot, and then stay true to the numbers you set. Remember that you're going to get more bang for your buck by upgrading multiple pieces rather than spending it all on a single piece. This is because the cost of gear increases exponentially as it approaches BiS.

2) Be patient
I cannot stress how important this is. If you find something for a great price, go ahead and pull the trigger and buy it out. But otherwise, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting bids in on items. You should be putting bids in on items. Even if you miss out on a couple and it takes a few more days to get your item, you're going to come out ahead in the long haul. You will absolutely save money if you put in bids as opposed to simply buying out the very first item you find that meets your criteria.

3) Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!
Don't fall in love with a particular piece of gear. At the lower levels of gear, there will always be another piece that is similar. If that piece goes past your budgeted amount, just let it go; find something similar and pay less! I've seen it happen on more than one occasion where a friend gets stuck on a particular piece of gear and continues to bid on it rather than simply letting it go.

4) Be flexible
When looking for gear, don’t be too restrictive when entering minimum values for gear. If you’re looking for shoulders with 100 total resist, it doesn’t matter whether that comes in the form of 30/70 or 40/60. But if you set your minimum to 40 for [Your Resist] you might miss out on a sweet deal that has the 30/70 variety. Along those lines, remember that you can make up for lower crit chance (or AS or CD) with higher dex on an item. So maybe you can’t find a bracer with 100 dex and 6% CC that fits your budget, but maybe you can find a bracer with 120 dex and 5.5% CC that fits your budget (roughly equivalent damage).

5) Use a damage calculator
This is the most important part to shopping if you don’t want to waste your money. Take the extra couple of minutes to make sure you know what you’re getting.
Part 3: Legendary and Set Pieces
Let's get this out of the way: Legendaries and Set items can be awesome.

But they can also be expensive and, unless the rest of your gear can support them, a bad investment. I've seen more than one person on these forums decked out in legendary and set items with the same stats as I ended up with in my budget set below. It makes me cringe knowing how many millions they spent for stats they could have gotten for a fraction of the price on rares. As the great Furiex once said, “Never get legendaries until your other gear can support it.”

Having said that, Inna’s Radiances are ridiculously cheap right now. You can drop 150-200k on one of those and get a better deal than anything you’d find with a rare. Usually I’d advise players to make sure and buy good rolls on a Legendary or Set piece, but this is an exception because of how cheap they are. Get a cheap one now and then you can worry about finding a nicer one later.

For a much better list of Legendary and Set Pieces than I could put together, please see Morionic’s thread here: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004013698?page=1

Part 4: Life on Hit, Life per Spirit Spent, and Lifesteal
I am not a big proponent of Life on Hit, but a lot of people like it, so I figured I should at least mention it.

Quite frankly, I don't think it's necessary, and it's either going to cost you a pretty penny or a huge chunk of dps. You can absolutely, 100% survive on health globes, potions, smart use of cooldowns, and good positioning (i.e. not standing in desecration pools). At lower levels of MP, it is absolutely not necessary.

Of course, at higher MP levels, you’re going to want some sort of sustain, whether that be LoH or LS. Most higher monks will advocate for LS because it scales with your gear (i.e. as your DPS increases, so does the amount you’re getting healed) while LoH does not. From everything I’ve read, the breakeven point for where LS = LoH is somewhere between 50-70k.

Once you’ve got the coin and the motivation to try higher MP levels, you’re going to want to invest in a LS weapon. If you did a good job buying your previous weapons, you will likely see a decrease in DPS. It’s unfortunate, but if you can’t afford to drop 100 million on a weapon it’s going to happen. So the question then becomes how do we best mitigate that DPS loss?

I have had good luck with weapons that had low DPS (750-800), high CD (75+), a socket, and maybe dex. If you don’t get dex, the CD and/or DPS needs to be higher to compensate. But those types of weapons are much better deals than a very high DPS weapon with no CD.

A reader brought up using gear that has LpSS, which is something I am not hugely familiar with. I have, in the past, used Transcendence as my third passive and the extra sustain is nice. The nice thing about LpSS is that you can find it on helms in addition to weapons. So if that is the route you are interested in taking you can actually put together a pretty good chunk of LpSS. If you've got 100 LpSS, every time you activate your mantra you'd be gaining 5000 health. Part of the problem with LpSS though is that it doesn't scale with your damage (in a round about way it scales with your AS - the faster you attack, the more spirit you have, the more health you gain). Another problem with LpSS is that it can only be found on fists, greatly limiting gearing opportunities. Looking through the AH for weapons with 40+ LpSS, 100+ dex, and 70+ CD (basically the parameters I use when looking for LS weapons) yields just four rare weapons over 700 DPS. Shenlongs are nice, but boy are they expensive.

Part 5: Links!
d3up Damage/EH Calculator: d3up.com
The Asian Gamer Damage Calculator: http://theasiangamer.com/d3-damage-calculator/
D3rawr Damage Calculator: http://www.d3rawr.com/
Google Docs Damage Calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApVAeMW4XRfcdHlneGhLMVdpYnFYMUM3R0IydmNFRWc#gid=6

Vrkhyz's explanation of how damage is calculated: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004456313?page=1

Monk Time to Live Calculator: http://inprogressgaming.com/monk-survivability-model/
Effective Health Calculator: http://rubensayshi.github.com/d3-ehp-calculator/#intro

Gem Cost Calculator: http://www.diabloahguide.com/the-ultimate-gem-cost-calculator/
Section 3: Set Examples!
I may or may not post an example of a higher DPS set later on, but for right now I’ll just start with a set I consider to be very affordable for most players on a tight budget.

Price: 3,838,887
DPS: 66,218
Armor: 4740
Resist: 676
Health: 34,576
EH (StI, OwE): 389,223
MS: 11%

Cost of items: http://i.imgur.com/ZdYYv.png
Individual items: http://i.imgur.com/bNrXz.png
Stats: http://i.imgur.com/990my.jpg

Because I am not actually on a budget, I just went through and bought out anything that was under my “budget” and fit the criteria I had for it. If you were doing this yourself, you would want to put in bids whenever possible and try to save some cash. It should be noted that the above stats were gotten using just Flawless Square gems in the armor sockets and just Star gems in the weapons. The socket in the helm is also empty, so the health listed above is not inflated by a life gem (that way you can use +Exp when you farm).

Reflection on this set: The dps is actually higher than I thought it would be, and I am happy with how much armor this ended up with. I was aiming for around 35k health, so that worked out well. I was hoping to get to 700 resist, but I favored +Armor on the chest and pants over extra resist. In terms of EH, I think this was the right choice. I also could have gone with double resist on the boots to make up for it, but I am a convert to the +Movement Speed movement so I couldn’t do that in good conscience. The only other complaint I have is the slow attack speed. As I mentioned earlier, CD on gloves is far cheaper than AS and slow weapons are usually cheaper. Given that I got the two weapons for less than 800k total, this is a good example. Given the luxury of placing bids, I think this could have been corrected for by going for faster weapons, but I didn’t want people to think I was sitting around waiting for the perfect deal. The point of this guide is that you don’t have to do that.

Anyway, when searching for items, these are the filters I used:

Helm – I just grabbed the cheapest Inna’s Radiance that had decent stats
Amulet – 35 dmg, 100 dex, CR, 8% CC
Shoulders – 100 dex, 70 vit, 30 CR, 40 AR
Chest – 70 dex, 70 vit, 30 CR, 40 AR, 2 sockets
Gloves – 145 dex, vit, CR, CD, 7% CC
Belt – 100 dex, 70 vit, 30 CR, 40 AR
Bracers – 100 dex, 70 vit, CR, 5% CC
Rings – 35 dmg, dex, vit, CR, 4% CC
Pants – 70 dex, 70 vit, 30 CR, 40 AR, 2 sockets
Boots – 200 dex, 70 vit, CR, MS
Weapons – 150 dex, 70 CD, socket

Obviously you can tailor the above to fit your needs, but that's how I roll.
Example Set, part deux:

This set will be an example of a higher DPS set. Once you start creeping into the higher DPS ranges, you will inevitably want to try your hand at higher MP levels. With that in mind, this set will include one lifesteal weapon.

Price: 28,761,437
DPS: 90,671
Armor: 4700
Resist: 670
Health: 38,152
EH (StI, OwE): 424,726
MS: 23%
LS: 2.5%

Cost of Items: http://i.imgur.com/KmYRx.png
Individual Items: http://i.imgur.com/7YBlN.jpg
Stats: http://i.imgur.com/sTgkV.jpg

A note about the Cost of Items/Individual Items screenshots - you'll notice there is a discrepancy with the non-LS weapon. Basically the spear that was part of the set was one of my old weapons that I purchased a while ago. Given that there's no search function in the completed tab, I didn't feel like spending 30 minutes trying to find a screenshot of how much the spear cost. But I do keep track of everything I buy in an excel file, and the spear cost 1,736,438. The reason why I included the cost of the Clamor Legacy is that the DPS is about similar (very slightly better than the spear) and I got it for a good price ... basically just trying to show that it's still possible to get good weapons for cheap.

Anyway, you can see the difference between my buying practices with the two sets - with this set I won 9 items on bid, whereas with the cheaper set I just bought everything out. Part of this was price; better items had higher buyouts so I needed to get a bargain via bid. Part of this is also just wanting specific items.

Reflection on this set: The health ended up higher than I had anticipated. I usually aim for 35k and end up a little short, but this time I ended up over (I think a big part of that was the 15% life on the amulet). The armor and resist are just shy of the 5k/700 mark that I was kind of shooting for, but given the price I think it's pretty good. You'll notice that because there isn't any health and very little resist on the pants that I had to make up for that elsewhere.

What's actually interesting about this set is that it's a great example of the whole "Opportunity Cost" principle I was talking about earlier. The Butcher's Sickle, while it looks nice, cost more than twice as much as the Spear/Axe combo I bought ... and cost us 7k damage! Had I used the Spear and the Axe, we'd be rocking ~97.9k dps and just needing to upgrade from 90% CD gems to 100 to hit 100k dps. Instead, we're barely breaking 90k.

In terms of what parameters I looked for, it's actually pretty similar to the 60k set, just with basically "more" of everything:

Helm – 160+ dex, 50+ vit, ArcR, 5.5% CC, Armor
Amulet – 35 dmg, 100 dex, vit, ArcR, 8.5% CC
Shoulders – 130 dex, 70 vit, 40 ArcR, 50 AR
Chest – 70 dex, 70 vit, 40 ArcR, 50 AR, 2 sockets (I didn't add +Armor, but I was looking for one that had either +Armor or a good chunk of Str)
Gloves – 145 dex, vit, ArcR, CD, 8% CC
Belt – 130 dex, 70 vit, 40 ArcR, 50 AR
Bracers – 100 dex, 70 vit, ArcR, 5% CC
Rings – 35 dmg, dex, vit, ArcR, 4.5% CC
Pants – 9% AS, 40+ ArcR
Boots – 200 dex, 100 vit, ArcR, MS
MH – 200 dex, 60 CD, socket
LS weapon - 100 dex, CD, LS, socket

One thing I didn't include in the price above was the cost of gems. You could argue that I should have, since 90% gems are a little pricey. I prefer not to do that, since generally you will only need to buy the gems once and they stick around for whatever other gear you might upgrade to.

Recent set, as of 11/30/2012:
I thought this would be an interesting exercise to see how prices have dropped since I originally wrote this guide.

Price: 15,446,177
DPS: 97,985
Armor: 5210
Resist: 641
Health: 35,486
EH (StI, OwE): 408,321
MS: 24%
LS: 2.5%

Cost of items: http://i.imgur.com/O2cgh.png
Individual items: http://i.imgur.com/2dFM5.jpg
Stats: http://i.imgur.com/0Mew0.jpg

I probably could have saved some money had I been more patient and put bids in on some things. The ring with 4.5% crit, in particular, felt like I overpaid, but there weren't a ton of options at the time. I was extremely pleased with the price of Battle Verdict, especially considering that some bozo had put a Star Emerald in the socket (they are going for ~780k in the AH right now, so I really only paid ~1.2 million for that).

I also made 2 slight mistakes while putting this set together: 1, I thought I had a bid in on a pair of gloves that were similar to the pair I bought but were only at ~300k. Unfortunately, it turns out that uhhh, I didn't. Woops. I think I overspent on the gloves at the end too, mostly because I just wanted to finish the set. 2, I have a spreadsheet that I update when putting together sets to make sure I have enough of everything before I actually buy the gear ... and for some reason, I had accidentally entered a 15% life bonus even though none of the gear had it. So that is why the second ring doesn't have any vitality on it. Still though, happy with the way the set turned out.
Section 4: Crafting
5 new crafting recipes were released with 1.07 - Chest, Amulet, Shoulders, Gloves, and Bracers. These recipes are guaranteed to roll 200-230 of your chosen stat and then have 5 additional random rolls. Because of the high guaranteed roll, a lot of these pieces have the potential to be Best in Slot (BiS). However, there are a number of things to be considered before crafting:

1) The Cost
I think for many people, the natural inclination is to think something to the effect of, "well I found all the tomes and salvaged stuff that I found so the crafts were basically free!" However, this isn't exactly correct. I mentioned opportunity cost above and that same concept applies here - everything you are using to craft could have been sold on the AH. That means it has value, regardless of whether you found it or not.

Using the current prices of materials in the AH as of 3/28/2013 (the prices fluctuate), here is the cost to craft each piece:

Amulet: 191,512
Bracer: 77,855
Gloves: 89,565
Shoulders: 83,610
Chest: 151,722

The prices seem small, but when you're crafting large amounts of gear at once, it can add up. Crafting 50 shoulders would cost over 4 million gold! Depending on what your budget is, this can either be a negligible amount ... or the entirety of your budget.

Tied into the cost is the fact that these are Account Bound (BoA), which means you have very little means of recouping the cost of something that didn't quite roll the way you wanted it to. You can't sell it on the AH, you can't trade it to a friend. You can vendor it, salvage it, put it on an alt, and that's about it.

2) The Randomness
As many times as you see someone elated because they rolled a GG Amulet on their third try, there's someone else who has crafted 400 and hasn't gotten what they want. I think Druin's glove count is well past 1,100 right now and he's never even crafted a single trifecta!

This is especially important to recognize if you are someone who uses OwE - rolling great shoulders that have Lightning Resist instead of Cold Resist can be frustrating. It essentially adds another requirement.

3) The Nike Slogan
Having said all that, you still absolutely want to craft the new stuff. Yes there is cost involved. Yes there is randomness involved. But with all those negatives, you're still getting the potential to roll BiS items for a fraction of what they would cost on the AH. It may take time and a number of tries, but it's very easy to get upgrades via crafting if your gear level isn't already top notch.

4) The Balancing Act
Because they are guaranteed to roll at least 200 dex, many crafted pieces will be an upgrade over your current rare pieces. It can be really tempting to see that green DPS number and disregard whatever EH loss you may be taking, whether that be less resist, armor, or health. I think within the first 20 bracers I crafted, I had made a pair that was a 9k dps upgrade over my original rare bracers. Unfortunately, they had no vitality or resist to speak of and I decided to continue crafting until I found a pair that was more well-rounded.

This isn't to say you shouldn't take the first DPS upgrade you find - if it's significant enough and you feel you can handle the loss of EH, go right ahead! Just think of it as a caution to not end up sacrificing too much EH at the expense of DPS. A dead monk does zero dps.


If you've got a tight budget, it will come down to a personal decision of when it is worthwhile to craft and when it is worthwhile to save up your money. If you're just hitting level 60, it might make some sense to just buy cheap placeholders from the AH to hold you over as you farm up Demonic Essences.

Once you've decided you're ready to craft, the next decision to make is whether you choose Vitality or Dexterity as your guaranteed stat. If you're someone who enjoys playing multiple characters and you don't really have a "main", then choosing Vitality would make a lot of sense - all classes benefit from Vitality and this would give you a greater chance for rolling an upgrade for at least one of your characters. If you're focused solely on your Monk though, the choices are pretty straightforward in my mind, with one exception.

A quick note about how affixes can roll: main stats like dex, vit, str, int can all roll singularly or as a combination. Main stats can roll singularly just once on a given item, but can then also roll as part of a combination. For example, on a pair of bracers you could get the following rolls: 100 dex, 100 vit, 100 dex + 100 vit. This counts as three affixes and would give you a total of 200 dex and 200 vit.

The affixes I will list as part of "A perfect craft might look like:" are basically just what *I* would consider to be a perfect craft. You might disagree with some of my choices, and that's ok! I'm just trying to give you an idea of the potential of some of these crafted items.

The clear choice here, for me, is Dexterity. Most people view this as a 'DPS slot' and are willing to forego vitality at the expense of DPS. A perfect craft might look like:
-200-230 dex
1) 10% CC
2) 100% CD
3) 9% iAS
4+5) 100 dex, 100 vit / 80 AR / xx-xx damage / LoH

Your 4th and 5th rolls being some combination of those affixes. Basically, you can see that the Amulet is the place to really load up on those nice DPS affixes that you can't get everywhere else.

The clear choice is Dexterity. The reason for this is that Vitality can naturally roll up to 200 on a chest piece, while Dexterity can only roll up to 100. That means that if you were to choose a Vitality chest piece, you could roll up to 200 dex and 300 vit, while a Dexterity chest piece can roll up to 300 dex and 300 vit. A perfect craft might look like:
-200-230 dex
1) 200 vit
2) 3 sockets
3) 80 AR
4) 100 dex, 100 vit
5) 12% Life / Armor / [Your Resist] / Melee Reduction

Dexterity and Vitality are arguably interchangeable here since neither has a higher natural roll and there is only one pure DPS roll available on bracers. I tend to lean toward Dexterity when that's the case, simply because I tend to believe you can get enough Vitality as secondary rolls on most pieces. That, of course, is a discussion for another day! A perfect craft might look like:
-200-230 dex
1) 100 dex, 100 vit
2) 6% CC
3) 80 AR
4+5) 100 vit / Armor / Pickup Radius / [Your Resist]

Shoulders are similar to Bracers in the sense that there is no clear cut winner between Dex or Vit. Again, I would opt for Dexterity, but I know some people like to really load up on EH in certain spots and Shoulders are one of them. A perfect craft might look like:
-200-230 dex
1) 100 dex, 100 vit
2) 100 vit
3) 80 AR
4+5) Armor / Life % / Pickup Radius / [Your Resist]

I saved gloves for last because they are the most interesting choice by far. The reason for this is that Dexterity naturally rolls up to 200 on gloves while vitality only rolls up to 100. When we ran into a similar situation with the Chest piece, I advised going with the lower rolling Dex because that would allow a higher total number of stats (Dex+Vit). And that is true here as well; however, there are additional rolls here that complicate this line of thinking. Gloves are similar to Amulet in that this is an area we really want to load up on the nice DPS affixes of Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Attack Speed. Here is what I would consider a perfect craft for Dex gloves:
-200-230 dex
1) 10% CC
2) 50% CD
3) 9% iAS
4) 80 AR
5) 100 dex, 100 vit

This would give us a total of 300-330 dex and 100 vit - 400 total stats.

This is what I would consider a perfect craft for Vit gloves:
-200-230 vit
1) 10% CC
2) 50% CD
3) 9% iAS
4) 80 AR
5) 100 dex, 100 vit / 200 dex

This would give us a total of either 300-330 vit and 100 dex or 200-230 vit and 200 dex - in each case, 400 total stats.

So you can see that with a perfectly rolled pair of gloves, it doesn't really matter whether you go dex or vit because you're getting 400 total stats either way. The problem is that you are probably not going to get perfectly rolled gloves! And if you don't, then Vitality gloves have a slight advantage over Dexterity gloves for this reason:

Vitality gloves can either roll 100 dex + 100 vit or 200 dex - 200 total stats in each case.
Dexterity gloves can either roll 100 dex + 100 vit or 100 vit - 200 total stats in the first, but just 100 in the second.

So the argument for Vitality gloves boils down to increasing your odds of getting more stats. By rolling Vitality gloves, you're removing the chance of getting a 100 total stats roll.

I have actually crafted a number of each, and I am still undecided which I prefer. It probably makes more sense to craft the Vitality ones, but for whatever irrational reason, Dex gloves seem more fun.
Hey Piffle from your previous posts I've always known you are good at getting the most bang for your buck
How much did you pay for the Nat's ring and boots BTW?
That's like the last set items I need on my monk atm
Also, I saw a post where you were selling off your gear?
Thought you were quitting
I approve of Piffle related threads.

Hey Piffle from your previous posts I've always known you are good at getting the most bang for your buck
How much did you pay for the Nat's ring and boots BTW?
That's like the last set items I need on my monk atm
Also, I saw a post where you were selling off your gear?
Thought you were quitting

Man your name is a blast from the past! I think I got my ring for 36 and boots for around the same. I went back and forth between Vit or CR on the boots but CR was like half the price. And I would've loved to get CC on the ring, but ... yea. I aint got that kind of scratch! :P

Thanks Druin!

I also went to mention that if anyone is interested in that example set, I will happily sell it to you for the price of the gear.
I approve of Piffle related threads.


Me too.

I approve of Piffle related threads.


Me too.


Hey thanks buddy! I +1'd yours earlier today :)
Haha. What's funny is I was just thinking, "We need some EmperorMao in here to balance out the love fest."
Excellent, Piffle. Good read.

+1 to thread.
What a comprehensive guide you have +1. I cant believe I went and spent all that I did when I started out at this game when I see what you have bought for such an excellent price. Some things to keep in mind though is the fact that drop rates have improved and therefore more goods are available and for such a cheap price.

I wish this was around when 1.04 was starting :)
Good looking out for fellow monks man, thanks for the info. For those reading I also want to drive home the damage calculators. Such an eye opener!!! If it doesn't save you millions you have some problems. Those damage mods on jewelry are crazy indeed.
What a comprehensive guide you have +1. I cant believe I went and spent all that I did when I started out at this game when I see what you have bought for such an excellent price. Some things to keep in mind though is the fact that drop rates have improved and therefore more goods are available and for such a cheap price.

I wish this was around when 1.04 was starting :)

Thanks for the +1 :)

You know, it's really interesting, but gear prices didn't do what I thought they would in 1.05. Well, some of them anyway. We knew Legendary, Set pieces, and 1.04 style jewelry would all decrease in price and they did. But I really thought just rares in general would decrease in price too, and they really haven't gone down that much. The price of weapons without LS have oddly rebounded, too, which is even more odd because I'd think most people would be looking for sustain.

I say this because I was putting together sets in 1.04 to sell and comparable rares were about the same price, if not a little cheaper. I wish I had kept the prices for individual pieces, but once I sell a set I only keep track of the total cost. Oh well.

Either way, you are absolutely correct - it's cheaper to gear yourself out these days than it was back in the day. But I don't think the majority of people grasp just how easy it is these days. I put together a set for a friend the other day that was over 80k dps with lifesteal and the cost of the gear was around 20 million.

Heck, I could get to 100k dps for around 30 million (not including gems) if I didn't have to include a lifesteal weapon.

@Mao it's cool, it's usually worth a chuckle or two anyway! <3
Hey piff mate. Good job. Makes me look stupid again.

Im posting here for the new-start on how NOT to gear. Do not go the direction i went. It cost a FORTUNE, and doesnt do nearly as well as piff.

11/08/2012 01:36 PMPosted by Piffle
For example, right now in the AH there is a ring with a 100k buyout that has 34-56 dmg, 77 Dex, 42 Vit, 35 Arcane Res, and 4% crit. In the set I will show below, 90 min/max damage is equivalent to 32 Crit damage. The cheapest ring available that has 60+ dex, 4+ crit, 30+ crit dmg along with vit and arcane res is 1.25 million buyout. That 90 min/max damage is also equivalent to 6% AS; the cheapest ring with 4+ crit chance, 6+ AS, 60+ dex along with vit and arcane res is 2.5 million buyout.

There is one thing i would like to get clarification on tho. From what i heard the min /max dmg value should be an average of the min max, not adding them up. For example if you have 50-100 it means ur min/max is 75. Please let me know if im wrong. :) not saying you are wrong that average dmg on jewels are MUCH cheaper than crit dmg, mind.

you also miss out lpss on your guide........ but imo is wise. LPSS only work on particular builds, and those builds (like mine) usually cost a fortune to make work. And even in those cases LS would still work better than lpss.

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