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Demon Hunter
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Saw one of these threads for barbarians. Why shouldn't we have one as well? Help your fellow dhs' improving
What about me? please tell me what i should get next
nth much to change..but it is good to get some All resist..
gloves and rings can be further upgraded to at least dualfecta..or tri hopefully
@BigJoe: for eHP, a vit or AR inna's pants, or better DML; for DPS, a better manticore or a higher CC+CD amulet
@Jd007: Holy crap do you ever die? My only possible suggestion would be to start getting trifecta gear.
@Jd007 - pretty hard to pick your next upgrade as there is almost none to upgrade.

I'd suggest you try other playstyle/skills - windforce or calamity as weapon perhaps for fast-pace action.
Agreed jd you are a BEAST!
bigjoe, your's is good, maybe if you got the gold you can go whit a manticore whit more dps

changing out your quiver should be your immediate priority. The ias is only 10%.. u can do a lot better than that.
How about me? I am pretty attached to my legacy nats set, and feel like it's great for infinite vault/gloom. Should I focus on upgrading my ammy/gloves first? As a note, I also have some 79 res all strongarm bracers, a good bola SOJ, and a couple of decent hellfires (nothing that trumps the rare ring for dps yet, even tho I have made 25+), that I sometimes throw on for high mp or ubers.

Thanks for the input in advance!
Man, I can't find a thing wrong with any of that gear. Maybe a little light on AR, but otherwise, that's a really strong setup. Great rolls!
rate my guy pls.
If u can afford a mempo wif cc and socket then its better to use andys wif socket.

Also ur depth digger has no socket. Get inna pants. Or at least depth digger wif socket.
11/10/2012 11:27 AMPosted by Pwnsauce
New boots with movement speed

I have lacuni and inna's temperance. 24% speed there :p
I'm thinking on acquiring a witching hour for better dps, but I'm not sure I can sacrifice some ar and vit, which I probably won't be able to afford on the belt...

11/10/2012 01:52 PMPosted by WaRe
rate my guy pls.

I'd go with nat's boots for the crit bonus

I think you could get some gear with more IAS and Crit Damage. Look for a new pair of gloves and a replacement for your mainhand ring.

Also your Nat's reflection is a bit low; I picked one up with raw damage as well, but it's a lot higher and for only 20 mil.
@RedCell: Def could get a better offhand xbow.

DML with 300~ dex
Thanks, Akiz! Any other input on my gear? I should have a good chunk of change after a few items sell, and am thinking I should just upgrade ammy or gloves.

Thanks for skipping me :p Get perfect crit on ammy and a nat sight with crit as well. Should boost you another 15k

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