next upgrade for the dh above

Demon Hunter
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Vile Ward or an amulet with similar stats but with cc
@doctaphilly : new gloves with higher stats on them
@ xxxheliosxxx

i'd say shoot for a duo socket manticore
@SqrisOnFire ->

Your setup looks pretty good to me but since I have to suggest something I'd say your belt. Either the obvious choice of a Witching Hour if you can afford to lose the vit/ar (or if you can afford a Witching Hour with those stats) or just upgrading to another rare belt with at least 190 dex and more vit/ar.

GL =)
anyone do mine? got skipped!


you need to invest in nats gear, get a 2 piece set of armor and boots.
@Wenz - I'd get an inna's belt or, if you can afford it, a witching hour. The belt is solid (as is most of your gear), but you could squeeze some DPS out.
Nice balanced DW build. My only suggestions would be;

Shoulder upgrade - Perhaps some Vile Wards for some extra Dex
Ring Upgrade - Unity ring with Dex Roll / 4.5 CC%. Would also provide you with some LOH
i got an idk =P. easy one is the high fire dmg on my terrible andys helm. Ill be getting a mempo asap. but what else? <3
save up for a 2OS manticore is my opinion
mempo with crit chance
trifecta or similar gloves w/o the AR as the AR on those are quite low.

that should cost a fair bit. :)

Since you're into atk speed, i'd suggest a mempo with crit or andariel's
Nice build, I would try and get those gems upgraded and add some Attack speed to your build. You have good CD but you could use a about 15 more CC. Always good to get CC above 50-60%. Also a Vile could give you a bit more AR and Armor.
@ DrOctogon
not much to say, since ur geared better than i am.
but a dex 2 soc manti would be good and
wrist could use some AR im sure a little diggin would produce one thats on par with yours but with AR.

bracer. prefer lacunis with cc or strongarm with AR :)
@Whitewave: Probably your belt. You can get one with vit or higher dex for pretty cheap now :)

Your DML could use an upgrade to something 250+ Dex/Vit. Not much else to upgrade for you. You even have an awesome Hellfire roll...Jelly...

Maybe replace your chest with Inna's to get the set bonus. If you feel the loss of vit is too much, replace a few dex gems with vit gems to make up for the loss.

your chest piece? :| i suggest inna or embrace ;)
Natalya's ring

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