Disconnect when fighting Ubers

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So I've been fairly pleased with the client/server connection... until now.

I've been lucky enough to only have a handful of disconnects throughout my entire D3 playing experience, but that last 3 have really pissed me off.

Last night, I finally put together my 3 infernal devices to take a shot at the Ubers. I opened the first portal and took 'em out. Opened the next portal, and BAM! disconnect.

Kinda peeved, but hey, ish happens. So today I spent a number of hours re-collecting the keys so that I would once again have 3 infernal devices to open all 3 portals at once. Not 2 minutes into my first portal fight, I get disconnected. No other disconnects all day. I figure... screw it, maybe I'll get lucky and not have to fight the same Ubers I already fought.

So I start a new game, throw down a portal, and BAM! disconnect within the first minute.

COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!! And i haven't had a disconnect outside of the Ubers in over a month.

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