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looking solid, you probably want to upgrade your bracers and ammy though
prices have really dropped and you can find a better INT on the bracers, same
with the ammy but for vit.
@boss probably a glove :) yours is empty!!!!
- perhaps some innas pants for extra crit and IAS? otherwise looking nice, hard to think of something.
11/12/2012 12:16 PMPosted by lu1gui
@boss probably a glove :) yours is empty!!!!

@lu1gui - get a 4.5CC/9%IAS mempo instead of andariel's. You'll gain a crap ton of EHP.

It'll run you a cool 300M or so though. :D
Don't really know how to advise you since it links to your SCII page lol
11/12/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Dreturns
Don't really know how to advise you since it links to your SCII page lol

chantodos wand
No idea, I suck at this stuff.
11/12/2012 12:29 PMPosted by HolyKnight
No idea, I suck at this stuff.

Then what are you doing in this thread? You're breaking the consistency

Higher vitality tal chest (without pickup)


Mempto Helm without crit and high int
Nice gear! The only thing you could probably do better on is the ring.
@BDE very solid gear. Lacuni with more crit for an affordable price update, or Mempo with CC if you are willing to go all in.

I duno man. Tough to upgrade such nice gear. Hellfire maybe?

both your rings could use ias and or crit dmg, that'll boost your dps significantly
I am a CM/WW wiz. What upgrades would be good? I know new pants, but which? Also could use a lacuni's with CC. What other suggestions?
i have 130m to upgrade the gear

someone give me a heads up....
@ Inno:

With 130 mil.... get a witching hour

Pants bro. I like Blackthornes for the LOH, but it's up to you. Also improve your gems.
The helm, Inno--that's beastly fire damage to you on the Andariel's.
I was thinking about Blackthorne's for the LOH. Working on the gems. Any other stats I should be concerned with? My DPS is 80k buffed, is that enough? What MP should I be looking at doing?

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