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Not really knowledgeable enough to provide valuable feedback ^^
Would love some gear pointers though =]
Get to level 60 first, whole new ball game @ that point :)
@PuddingHead - Your gear is damn solid. The only thing i can see is to switch your OH ring for an SOJ w/ ET crit chance 7%. The buff to elites is very nice. That or a trifecta. But that ring seems like the weakest link for sure.

Up your gems! roll a hellfire worth wearing and paragon up!
very nice cm wiz! You'd probably want a stormcrow with cc?
@ChangWu... lacuni will be a nice upgrade to you
@ ChangWu

Weapon with similar dps/stats except with lifesteal as well


Andariels will less %fire dmg taken

Surely you can afford a better andy's? 25% fire damage must be @%@##*@*.

Also almost non of your gear has all resistance, thats pushing it a bit don't you think.

DPS wise, i'd swap your main ring for another lower stat trifecta with high INT and avg dmg.

Nice gear honestly. Perhaps lose the ar on your lacuni in place of a int vitality lacuni. More int, vita, armor and CD for you overall I think. You are very well geared though.
@ Sennin

Your Natalya's Reflection
what upgrade should i get? (1.5 mill budget) so i cant afford witching hour or a socketed chatodo's will, (i am currently bidding an a socketed storm crow)

The same weapon but with lifesteal would be awesome, or a Tal-Rasha's chest with AR, either would be very expensive. On the cheap end, maybe shoulders with strength, pickup radius, or +health globes instead of reduced level could be good.
@ prex555

Get yourself some Lacunis and lose the compass rose.

(My profile finally updated. Feel free to rag on my 1h/source)
@prex555 Your resistance are fine but i think you need more life steal or life on hit.
Also I suggest a ruby gem for helmet. It helps levelling. And the last thing, I think a wizard must have health of at least 30K

lol mine is eu profile:
@ prex555

Get yourself some Lacunis and lose the compass rose.

(My profile finally updated. Feel free to rag on my 1h/source)

Time for some new gems ?

Gman, cant see your profile.

crit zuni pox
@Nedo, seems like you could use a better helm, or more IAS across all your gear? I doubt it would be cheap though.
@barone13 : better offhand. get that set bonus.

I feel like my wizard has hit a DPS wall. All the next upgrades I can think of are super expensive. Help?

Some things to consider.

Not sure what your budget would be, here is what I think should go.

Your wailing host, while the set bonus is nice, it doesn't do anything for DPS. You need to lose it for something with some more kick.

Your ammy, needs another dps adder, will not be cheap.

Consider losing the storm crow for a tal rasha or mempo, both will boost your DPS while increasing your HP, which is a bit low for my tastes as an archon.

The cheapest bang for buck DPS boost for you would probably be a witching hour. Even if you took the cheapest one on AH you'll see a healthy boost. Just your eHP will sink into the gutters.

Weapon needs a boost as well. Things are cheap now, if you are keen on not having native CD, make sure you have other stats like INT or VIT rolls and about 1050dps/LS/OS.

Most likely Tri stat gloves or ammy

Your gear is too boss to comment on though ):

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