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^ maybe tals chest whit more int
@Wishbone. Nicely geared CM Wiz. Any upgrades would be rather expensive seeing how your gear is pretty decent, looking at your gear though the next upgrade I would aim for would be another pair of gloves with trifecta.
Impressive stuff, wishbone...
I think the only affordable upgrades if you don't swim in gold, would be a trifecta amulet and putting the LoH on a ring instead. That won't be cheap either though.

I don't know if I don't see something there, but what do you need all the AS for?
You could easily increase your dmg by swapping that for some CD/CC.

assuming ur using forked lightning always, i guess you can lose storm crow and get a decent andy or a mempo
@titan01 -- add lacuni. Nice Mempo. Attack speed is your friend. Shoot for 3.0+. Like your socketed chantodo. My chestpiece is for sale =P 225m obo. Have a good one.
Rate me too, please ;)

laughed at the nat pieces. Crit chance boost for the win. I tried that ages ago but didn't really feel a difference. I definitely suggest inna's pants or lacuni with cc. =)

gems, ammy with main stat, vile with vita

blackthorne pants might help with extra loh for higher mps
11/13/2012 09:26 AMPosted by ratyfu
Rate me too, please ;)

AR & 9% on tals chest... would be a small affordable upgrade :P
I want a rec too =P cause I dunno wtf to upgrade right now. It's like, nothing is cheap anymore LOL.
11/13/2012 09:29 AMPosted by Addictman
I want a rec too =P cause I dunno wtf to upgrade right now. It's like, nothing is cheap anymore LOL.

ice climbers if you aren't getting the zuni bonus! i say this because at 24.5k life... you gotta die a lot? past mp5?
@ Addictman

Your gear is fantastic. I suppose I would be looking for a higher CC / INT Lacuni
Yeah, lacuni are probably my next upgrade. I dunno. I might chase a gigantic chantodo lifestealer around. Or fork over the giant piles of gold it will take to upgrade my source to apoc or maybe go black weapon/triumvirate. Mutter. Thanks for the compliment =)
@Addictman Consider a Unity with attack speed. Gaining that LoH will let you get a Chantodo's without life steal. Barring that, a better witching hour or zuni with more res/vit.

@ratyfu Storm crow with more crit. Tal Rasha chest with 9 ias. It seems like you could get better gloves if you had vitality on the Vile Ward instead, but I don't know how important you consider pickup radius.

edit: Bah, this thread moves too fast. Someone give me upgrade ideas that don't cost an arm and a leg because I have none.
I would look into getting a vile ward with + vit or life% and then switch out your + vit gems for more int. Overall your gear looks nicely balanced though, 8/10.
Everyone always says I'm going to die alot. My hp don't matter much it feels like to me. The minute I start attacking I start proc'ing diamondskin. Vitality just doesn't feel like a priority to me. I watch 40k life CM wizards drop like flies around me running ubers. Dunno. I guess hp don't hurt. But there is something to be said for force armor and lower hp, I can only take 5-6k dmg from big nasty monsters and that's easy to heal with my wand.
I am bored and I want to log in.
@Shelendil: Thx, pickup radius is exactly the point, why I can't afford to ditch them. The gloves I sniped the other day, anything with similar stats is out of my price range :\
I guess Storm Crow and TR Chest are the way to go, because the nat pieces are essential to me, right now...

I would rate you too, but you clearly don't need it :) Super tanky and awesome damage you got there.
If you've got the money, you could try to get higher INT pants, and move the MS/AS to Lacunis. Not gonna be cheap though.
hello, im having trouble deciding what i can upgrade on a 50ish mil budget. i run a spectral blade:healing blades/ archon build 90% of the time. switch out some gear peices to fit cm/ww build.thank you

edit:also with healing blades build i used a 1200dps socket life steal (btw very effective build u should try it :)..)weapon it isnt showing on profile
@Cheffster Your ehp is good, go ahead and swap to int gems. Lacuni without crit seem like a waste.

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