WTS: Manticore 1,324dps, Dex with 2OS

Demon Hunter
More information as follows:

853 - 1316 Damage
38% Damage
+174 Dexterity
Increases Attack Speed by 11%
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 77%

Asking for 3B. Add me in game. Tristan2008#6658

Thanks for viewing.
I will start the bidding at 2B...
2B bid noted. Bump.
sick manti
wow glws
glws bump~
nice manti...glws.

btw nice amulet...how much did that amulet cost u? lol
your manti gave me a hard on
manti for sale here bump
Bump for a good guy and a great manti!
yay i get to bump beast's behind
For those who want to spend on a great manticore, don't wait....

I added you...2B is my final offer sir...good for 24 hours...thank you...
Thanks Jedrome for agreeing to my asking price. Thread closed.

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