Hellfire Ring question

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I haven't seen anyone with two(2) hellfire rings equipped, but is it possible?
Does it mean +70% Bonus Experience then?

And how about equipping Followers with these? How much I get +% bonus experience if I have 1x Hellfire Rings on my Templar for example?
You can only have 1 equipped. Followers give 7% with hellfire (1/5th).
If you want max Bonus Experiance you can use the combination Hellfire+Leoric's+Ruby in helm+Hellfire on follower.

Hellfire- 35%
Leorics- 20-30%
Ruby- 5-31%
Follower w/ Hellfire- 7%

Total of 96% in Multiplayer and 103% in Single Player.
You could also throw on the Cain set as well couldn't you?

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