Error 3 only on the Americas server

Technical Support
I started playing D3 last week, and kind of enjoyed it. So I bought my copy today and linked it to my account. Unfortunately, I cannot login to The Americas server where my characters from the Starter edition was. I was getting Error 3 which has something to do with the login credentials. I have tried methods which I found here but to no avail. And surprisingly I can login to EU and Asian servers without any hassle. And here on, too.

Please help/advise, I don't want to play on any of those servers since my friends are on the Americas server.

EDIT : I tried changing my password again hoping that it would be fixed but it has exhibited another weird behavior, on The Americas server, it cannot login with the Error 3. On Europe server, it works, but by using my old password! If I use the new one that I have changed to, it would give me an Error 3 again. Please look into this as this problem seems serious, if it lets me use my old password to login. . .

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