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Lost primary attack skill. Now have two archery skills and secondary attack skill
I was changing my primary skills and suddenly my primary skill selections disappeared. On the skill page, there are two focus skills now. One assigned to the left button and the other focus assigned to #3 key. What's going on and how do I change it back?
You must have "elective mode" enabled in your game options. If this is the case, when you click to change one of your skills (say a focus skill) there should be a left and right arrow on either side of the list of focus skills, which you can click to get other skill categories (e.g. primary, secondary, defensive).
I have same problem...happened today. Mine is a wizard and the Force selection replaced my left button, primary skill selection. I checked the "elective mode" check box and it is not selected.

Please, help. How can I set this back?
...by activating Elective Mode, obviously. See Althai's step-by-step guide above.
I had the same issue but with witch dr. With mine, you could only click on the first spell icon, which was the fire dog. (I know it isn't called that) But it shouldn't of been there, since it is suppose to be a defensive spell. Anyway, I was able to get out of it by going to the defensive spells (button 1) and selecting the spell that listed in the primary one. Everything went back to normal after that.
I have this same problem, with a Wizard.

**OK, HERE IS THE FIX** I went into Options / Gameplay and ENABLED "Selective Mode". Then when I opened my Skills window and clicked on the Primary (Left Mouse) Skill box, the Arrows that Althai mentions appear. All I needed to do was click on an arrow until the available Primary Skills appeared and then select the one I wanted.

Thank You Althai! You Rock!!!!!

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