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I don't really need help getting it running, as I hear it runs just fine through WINE, but my question is more along the lines of "Will I get banned?"

For those of you who don't know, WINE is a "third-party application" that acts as an emulation layer between the application you want to run (D3 in this case) and Linux. Note however that it gives no benefits or advantages over those running a native copy of D3 on Windows. It simply allows us to run D3.

Despite this, however, I've read mannyyy reports of Linux users being banned for using third-party applications when they were only using WINE. I do want to play D3 again, and I am now running Linux. I don't want my 60 dollars to be thrown out on a senseless ban, however.

Any feedback is appreciated, although a reassuring blue post would really put my mind at ease.

You will not get banned simply for using Linux, though as you say, it's not a supported OS. That just means we can not help get it working if problems arise.

You will not get banned simply for using Linux, though as you say, it's not a supported OS. That just means we can not help get it working if problems arise.

Woo! Thank's for the prompt reply!
There are quite a few posts on this already by Blues saying that while not supported, LINUX itself does not get you banned. However, they do not promise that Warden or other detection system won't ever find a false positive and ban you. After all, the Blues have no real insight or control of Warden...they don't know what exactly will be programmed into it. They also have no control of what is programmed into Linux or what other programs run on your system. If you use it, you do so at your own risk.

Edit - adding this despite the blue reply, because we have seen other users come back and "claim" they were banned for Linux...hence the conflicting opinions you might have heard.
That's not true, blizzard won't aknowledge it but people were banned for using wine in the last ban wave. They claim they only ban cheaters but a friend of mine that was playing on linux got banned and he was definitely not cheating.
Do no play D3 on linux, you will not get banned with a 100% chance, but if you do get banned there is nothing to do to get your account back.
^^^ Yes what jetap has said. I have had two friends myself get banned for using Wine and once banned you will get no help from Blizzard to rectify the situation. Although they will let you know you are welcome to buy a new account key and activate it. So there you go. Not sure if any of the threads still exist about this but you may want to search them out before you start using Wine.
Hey can you fill in this template here if you were banned because you were using d3 on linux?
If you can post your config following the template here that would help:
If you want to discuss it:

You *should* not get banned simply for using Linux, though as you say, it's not a supported OS. That just means we can not help get it working if problems arise.

I fixed that for you.

My husband was banned for using linux, and I know that he was not hacking or cheating.

Basically what blizzard means to be saying is "You shouldn't get banned for using linux. But in the event that you are banned for using linux we will not do anything to help you."
I was banned on Diablo 3 for playing on linux for about an hour over two days. The only reason I played on a computer with linux is because my friend lost his windows license and had to put linux on his computer to back up data and he was tired of waiting to play Diablo. I briefly looked into whether or not it was safe to play on linux and I found a GM saying it wasnt a bannable offense. AND YET I STILL GOT BANNED. Every ticket I've opened trying to get my account back left very vague answers to my questions or my questions were just completely ignored. It took a couples weeks after I had played on linux to get banned so I was unsure what I was banned for. I asked blizz repeatedly why I was getting banned and I was told repeatedly "you broke the terms of service". O REALY BLIZZ? I was told by a tech support person that eventually the account closure department stops reading your emails when they've answered a few already, but I had not included the details about linux in any of my early emails because I never put 2 and 2 together. My friend also received the ban and on every forum post he looks at, there's a box at the bottom of the screen that says "you will be unbanned on blah blah date" but it always gets pushed back.

Too long/did not read: Blizzard's Diablo account closure department sucks and they owe me 60 dollars or my account back. Please reply if the same thing has happened to you and what happened to your account in the end. Thanks

Your account was not actioned in any way just for using Linux as the operating system. There's nothing wrong with using Linux at all, we just don't offer any support for it so we can't help anyone get it working. We do NOT ban for its use though.

You'd need to submit a support ticket as we can't discuss account issues like this here in a public forum though I see you've already been that route and been informed multiple times the account closure will not be overturned. It's not a Technical Support issue so posting in here isn't going to help.

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