WTS 4 PC Nat's Legacy SET!

Items and Crafting
Gaze : 660 Armor
83 Dexterity
44 Arcane Resistance
+313 Armor
Critical Hit Chance Inc by 4%
5% Chance to Fear on hit

Soul : 481 Armor
+155 Dexterity
+59 Resistance to All
+193 Armor
12% Movement Speed
Reduces damage from melee attacks by 3%

Mark : +83 Dexterity
+72 Intelligence
Attack Speed increased by 7%
Regenerates 138 Life Per Second
Critical Hit Chance increased by 2%

Shadow: +46 Dexterity
+34 Vitality
+7% Life
+10 Maximum Discipline
Reduces resource cost of Chakram by 2 hatred
3 Open Sockets

Spare Gaze With Socket: 658 Armor
+80 Dexterity
+30 Fire Resistance
+300 Armor
1.2% Chance to Fear on Hit
1 Open Socket

PST or post with serious offers
I'd like to buy the Mark. How much is asking price? My opening offer is 60m. Get back to me with a counter offer and we'll see what kind of negotiating we can do. Thanks.
Im interested in the Souls. PM me in game to make the trade.
Im looking to sell the set as a whole.
well if u wanna sell just the boots im interested

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