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So I finally bought D3 a few weeks ago and just recently binked 60 (Only Paragon 3, Still in A2 Inferno). I've been playing with a Monk found two terribad legendaries (one from a chest, wooo RNG).... then I find this

Rare 63 ilevel staff

732-1262 (267-568 as poison)/997 DPS
+ 525 Intelligence (mmmmmmmmmk)
+ 187 Vitality (looking better)
+ ChDI 104% (#Baller?)
+ 251 Strength (meh...little extra armour I guess).

Keeping in mind I've not played past level 20 with any class other than a monk, my first thought was ZOMG I'm a D3 bazillionaire. So I check the GAH and RMAH and from what I can tell, this is pretty damn near the perfect staff roll (ignoring the strength, no other listed staffs even have the Avg Dmg, INT, VIT, CHDI combination).

Some staffs with lower affixes (but slightly higher DPS's) are listed in the 100M+ range.

Am I missing something, or is this piece that awesome, and if so how much would you all expect it to sell for?
Worth exactly 2584 gold.

Sub 1200 dps without 150+CD high main stat and socket? Straight to vendor of your choice.

Welcome back.

I dont pick up anything but ilev63 weapons, and thats just for the gold, havent sold one for over 1m in months. (paragon 83, you can guess how many ive id'd)
To give you an example, I can get a socketed 1400 dps weapon for 5k.
for now, Skorn is onli useable 2-h. When farming, i pick below rare items:
-all bracers
-all gloves
-all 1-h weapon
-lvl62-63 hand xbow
-lvl63 bow and xbow
-lvl61-63 armor (except that WD mask)
-lvl63 2-h except staff..

u can choose to pick onli lvl63 of cos.

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