Blade Wings on DH !

Demon Hunter
You should never ever be able to exchange money for any kind of tangible combat boost that you cannot acquire playing 'normally'. The RMAH avoids this because you're merely moving around items that exist within the framework of the game.

If you could pay $100 and unlock some outside perk, that allowed only you to level to paragon level 120 or something, it would utterly destroy the credibility of character progression. Blizzard knows this well anyway, which is why in WoW for instance the only things you can buy off their Blizzard store are non combat pets, mounts, and utilities like character renaming, etc.
dunno about you guys but i think mine look amazing with andys helm... literally look like a demon
how come you guys are saying it's $20? I see it at $59.99 when I click "upgrade"
11/13/2012 03:53 PMPosted by Veritech
how come you guys are saying it's $20? I see it at $59.99 when I click "upgrade"

The standard edition of the game is $39.99, so people who want the Blade Wings but were already going to purchase Heart of the Swarm have to shell out an additional $20.

So, $20.00 for people who were already gonna buy HotS just to get the wings.
I would rather buy gold on rmah for $20 :p
Do the wings show up on your character selection screen or only in-game?
Only in game.
The angel wings for collectors edition work by putting them ( 1 slot) into your character inventory. So they work in game only. Sure it's more of the same with these.
Ok guys, I was going to buy the deluxe digital hots game yesterday, so I could have those wings, but when I tried to do it, I got the message I already have Heart of the swarm, but I could still buy the digitical version for 60$.

So, I dont have the option to buy the non-deluxe version, and it looks like blizz gave the basic one free.

Am I alone getting this message ?

Am I alone getting this message ?

got that message too, no idea why though. and price is still $60 for me
Just got home and now I have both choice. I guess it was part of the problem they had yesterday with their maintenance.

No free game ;(

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