PC - socketed 1162 DPS Chantodo's Will

Items and Crafting

192 Int
+0.21 Attacks Per Second
Sold one VERY similar to this a month or so ago. Had slightly lower DPS (at about 1125 or so), but had perfect aps of 0.25.

Back then, I saw a lot of ones being bid on around the 90-100 mil mark, I put it on for 100m bid, no buyout, and it went for 145m. Suggest you do the same. Don't look for the cheapest buyout, go on AH and search for ones with sockets. Select minimum time left and see what some current bids are. People will be fighting over them so just match the same ballpark price and it will sell.
Well I've been offered 200m in trade for it, wasn't sure whether that was a good deal or not considering there's a worse one on the AH for 230 right now.
Then have one of those figures as your starting price? Could only go up if there's multiple buyers out there.

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