Kiting Wizards: Share your builds!

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edit, i use prismatic armor for ubers lol, but i don't do them anymore, i got lucky on my first roll
11/13/2012 07:20 AMPosted by Jarring
btw, have you tried storm armor/shocking aspect? owns. who needs nerfed prismatic armor anyways?

yeah i have fooled around with it from time to time but seeing i'm still too stubborn to upgrade for a cc, i still rely on ea/pb. i never bother with pa anymore but may go back there once i've covered the cc deficit. i think we hijacked the thread T_T
11/13/2012 07:26 AMPosted by pichapiegal

11/13/2012 07:26 AMPosted by pichapiegal
btw, have you tried storm armor/shocking aspect? owns. who needs nerfed prismatic armor anyways?

yeah i have fooled around with it from time to time but seeing i'm still too stubborn to upgrade for a cc, i still rely on ea/pb. i never bother with pa anymore but may go back there once i've covered the cc deficit. i think we hijacked the thread T_T

my cc is pretty low and it still does wonders for me.. i guess i'm a minimalist

and yeah, i think we derailed it...i was thinking about that when cm wiz conversation started. it's ok tho, not like we're inhibiting the thread anyways.
I'm Archon now but while leveling and first progressing/farming in Inferno I was a kite wizard and felt I was pretty effective. I took a couple ideas from other builds and mashed them all together with some selective gear choices that helped.

Fire and forget weaponry with snare and increased mobility / escape. Pretty standard for kite builds.

Primarily I would use this build and swap out a skill or two if I wanted to experiment (adding Hydra, changing to Force Armor or Prismatic, etc).!YWd!cbYZaY

I found a 920 DPS Slorak's with 11% IAS and 14% increased MM damage so I stuck with MM Seeker as my primary damage dealing skill. With IAS gear and other passives to increase DPS this was pretty productive. I was also running at 24% MS using Firewalkers, Lacuni's and Inna's Temperance (back when they were all max 8% MS).

I also had an Oculus with 4 sec Teleport reduction and 3 sec increased Blizzard duration, again key skills that I utilized while kiting.

With the rest of my gear I tried to find typical INT / VIT gear with IAS, CC and Health Regen. I was running with about 2400 HP life regen. The biggest challenges for me were fast, shielding mobs with lots of environmental damage. So long as I wasn't cornered and took a flurry of hits in less than a second I could teleport away and survive indefinitely.

It took me a long time to kill big extra health mobs and I pretty much could only farm A1 and A2 inferno at the time. It was fun though because I felt like I was taking advantage of specific gear bonus' to maximize the kiting process.
Can anybody share their ranged or kiting builds for group Ubers?

My builds (first post) work great for either solo or group play when doing regular farming, but I feel they lack the juice for single target DPS. Does anybody have a successful ranged build they use for Ubers?


I'm specced Archon with -AP to Disintegrate, so I can't CM/WW in uber fights. I've been having decent luck with this build:!beg!ZZcYac

It's not as much utility to a party as permafreezing the ubers, but it is +30% damage for your whole party, the bubble is great against Maghda's bugs, and with bubble and diamond skin along with ranged damage, I've found it's pretty good for being the rez-bot for your party. Not awful. Disintegrate can be replaced with whatever single attack spell you like if you're not specced for it (I recommend Ray of Frost - Cold Blood).
Thanks man. Is this your spec? Can you direct me to the forum topic to read more about it?
Ain't no topic, wasn't sure it was worth a guide; that was just borrowed from my post on some other thread. Pretty much just drop bubble and Hydra on your target, pew pew, and DS/run away as needed. Only thing a little more complicated is paying attention to positioning so that your bubble helps protect your party from projectiles.
I would make these changes:!YXW!bcZbZa

I recon with a few APoC you could perma cast RoF nonstop. With Astral Presence alone it takes a while for you to run out of AP.
RoF is definitely legit - probably better for the uber fights, but I feel like too much of a drag on the party farming stacks with it. Only bad news is that in the SK/Maghda fight, Disintegrate with Chaos Nexus is great for proccing CM (hits all those skeleton adds), and I worry that you might not get that with RoF.

Dropping Evoc/CM is a bad idea, IMO. With my non-CM-focused gear (low APS, only 30% or so CC), I can just about keep bubble up all the time. With no CD reduction, you're looking at 50% uptime. Big difference in party utility. Same deal for dropping Mammoth Hydra/Conflag, it's definitely a better solo build, but big damage buffs to your party members is pretty much all you have to offer (aside from unremarkable DPS of your own), so it hurts to lose that 10% to everybody.

Which bubble you use is probably a wash; I've got a CM/WW friend who uses the attack speed one to hit a breakpoint, so we don't like to overlap.
This is mine:!XWf!bbYbZc

Blizzard/Meteor Shower

Runs nice in MP6 solo. But I sometimes switch storm with prismatic. Depending on my mood.
Group play MP8 no problem.

MP1 with max MF gear not a problem at all. Everything just melts.

Astral presence gives me enough AP to spam 2 meteor showers on top of a Blizzard.
Sometimes I wear a storm crow which makes it easier as well due to the APoC. By mostly only in group play.

All depends on solo/group/mood.

Still figuring out on how to get to MP10 without using the carpal tunnel syndrome build.
I run this build,and find it very good.Can easily run mp4 or 5!fdU!cYYaZY
i melted everything in mp1 and 2 with this!YXW!bbaacY

i had worse gear and a black weapon/triumvate. if they nerf my current build again i can always go back to this (will probably modify it a bit)

i never came close to running out of AP either
This is what ive been running for long time..!YXW!YcabZZ

I enjoy playing a kiting wizard way more than cm/ww....

But actually got a question... I use Electrocute when im low on AP... Thinking about subbing RayofFrost ShockPulse Magic Missle or even spectal blades instead of Elec.... My question is if i sub one of these spells for elec. what can i change to not run out of AP... Also what can i do gear wise to break that 100k Dmg barrier.... Got about 10m to spend so any advice would be appreaciate!YgX!YZYZaZ

I call mine the Arcane Cannon build, and I'll describe why I use a few of the spells I do:

Meteor/Star Pact: I like this better, the lower cost of the spell really helps you chain them together, and that initial burst, I steadily have hitting for 200K. The DoT crits alot too, for CM reset and APoC. Arcane all the way baby!

Energy Armor/Prismatic or Pinpoint or Energy Tap: Depending on how your build feels, you might elect Energy Tap to open up your energy reserves for moar Meteors, but recently I've been letting it go, and using one of the others. The extra armor is always great, and the 5% crit or the 25% AR is also good, but it depends on your build, I suppose.

Magic Missile/Attunement: With Chan's Will, it kicks major !@# for refilling your arcane power pool with like 3 attacks. It crits for 100K, gives APoC, and gives 4 extra with only the Attunement rune. MOAR ARCANE.

Hydra/Arcane Hydra: I use this in lieu of magic weapon, because if I have to kite, it wrecks stuff for me. Seriously, Arcane Hydra is boss. And so is Arcane damage.

Prodigy passive: I use this one for the extra arcane power with Attunement. You might say "Hey with good crit, you don't need that other, just let APoC fill your bar", but it practice, I've found that I just get lit up if I depend on crits or any other chance-y thing.

The majority of my other spells are for protection similar to a CM/WW wiz: Deep Freeze and Crystal Shell Diamond Skin and others... The big difference to me is that my Wizard is an Arcane machine of destruction. Sorta RP-ish build, probably sub-par for most, definitely kicks butts.

edit: Just realized that my full Arcane Cannon build isn't coming up all the way in the armory. Oh well, most of the core is there.
Interesting build. Love to see people using these "unorthodox" builds.!YZd!aZZcca

Images take at least 1-2 hits for me, and when i'm hit again, illusionist refreshes it again, for 5 more decoys to run back a little and let loose disintegrate(chaos nexus= more chances to crit for APoC) and mammoth hydra(can shoot a river of flame, summon another and the previous river stays, and adds another one..dmg stacks...) while almost everything is charging the images. Archon with arcane destruction should seem self explanatory, but basically, it's for those, "HOLY CRAP" elite packs, i rarely even use it though..just feels safer knowing there's a way not to be screwed over.. charged blast missile for just singular things, crits for about 200k. Storm armor= retreat and dmg at the same cannon= extra dmg, blur= less dmg for more illusionist procs without dieing..
bump this up... want to see some more kiting styles and guides that are out there
My variation!!YaX!bZcaZa

Using meteor for mobs and forked lightning for killing any extras.
Bump Trying to Rekindle this thread for some more Input... Anyone Running With a Non-Hydra build?? OR a build that uses Something besides Blizz as a DPS//Freeze/Crowd Control??

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