Kiting Wizards: Share your builds!

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Has anyone come up with new Kiting builds now that 1.0.7 is out on PTR? Blizzard was buffed significantly and it can now proc APoC. Please share your builds if you have 'em!
i m thinking about arcane mine ^^!hdg!babZZc
with skull gap and soj i think i bomb like crazy , arcane mine slow enemy +slow time .... i think we easy to hit and run :D
hoewer its just theory, any 1 help me test
When speaking of Blizzard + Stark Winter and the bonus damage you get this way, don't forget the Frost Hydra. This makes it even better, since you'll have more frost bitten enemies to damage!

My wizard is lvl 60 (Paragon 4) and have Electrocute + Lightning Blast as primary,
Blizzard + Stark Winter as secondary.

Other than that I use the following skills:

Teleport + Safe Passage
Hydra + Frost
Diamond Skin + Crystal Shell
Energy Armor + Pinpoint Barrier


Cold Blooded
Galvanizing Ward

My weapon is Doyan's Hope, a rare staff with 1043,4 DPS, 11% attack speed, Int, 4,80 % life steal, 189 % crit damage plus high Min damage, Max damage, Strength and Intelligense. All in all I deal over 35k DPS, have over 38k HP, but I find this wizard a bit on the weak side compared to my Monk.

Nice thread btw :)
mine is the classic wiz build:!Xfg!cZZZac

A better build that I used is the frost wizz build, here is a link to a thread I made about it:
My lightning build and once blizzard gets a buff I'll reuse it again in lieu of the bubble.!ZgY!ZcaZZc!YdU!ZZZaZb

Unlimited dis build. Tals 4piece required because there is no apoc. Because of gc stack ar and life regen. Couple'd with ls on skorn rd is no issue. Tons of fun! Profile is with this spec and my exp run gears. I solo mp5 Rohan runs in twelve mins.

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