Calamity or Manticore?

Demon Hunter
assume that both are good rolls.
please give the reason you prefer what you do as well.

prefer people who have used these over people who haven't.
Go manticore if you want a good boost for your dps.

I can offer you a decent one in case you like it.
i need opinions on this matter, i have access to a good roll of both
I prefer faster weapons in general. I like the faster attack animations and better mobility. Personal preference imo.
11/05/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Jenosyde
i need opinions on this matter, i have access to a good roll of both

Do you have the kind of access where you could try them out or are you talking about funds because...

11/05/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Merlin
I prefer faster weapons in general. I like the faster attack animations and better mobility. Personal preference imo.

It really is a personal preference. I found a 1100 2 socket dex Manticore and tried it out. After Dual Wielding I could not stand the slow attack speed and will never go back to two hand crossbows

Edit: Noticed you have a Windforce in your profile. If you like how the Windforce plays you will probably like the Calamity. If you miss the power though Manticore may be a better choice
You know what I tried calamity and I like it more. You get basically the same dmg when you put in the factor of stacking mark of death with the one you cast in the skills bar. Second you shoot faster so you steal life faster. Plus you generate hatred faster so its a win win for me.
@ trytokeepup

You obviously don't know what you're talking about so stop talking.
I like dual wielding better, because of the attack speed. When playing in groups, it's perfect because you can stay out of reach and just shoot real fast. If hatred is spent faster, you can generate it faster too. And I like the affixes you have on 1 hand xbow, like life on hit, max disc, hatred regen, marked for death with calamity.

But if you play alone, I think a manticore could be a better choice, because when you kite, attack speed doesn't really work. Still, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you have fun. I just really like the look of two 1 hand xbows... :D
I am still split between the 2 although both my manticore (955 with 2 sockets) and calamity (about 1041 with LOH 728). With the manticore, i will have a DPS of about 100k and about 82k for calamity with steady aim and about 69k without. The hatred regeneration with calamity works very well due to the fast attack speed and allows me to tank with CoT and if i use it with nightstalker (about 57% cc), my discipline is constantly replenish. It actually allows me to kill faster with constant CoT, LFB in lower MP. For higher MP where kiting is necessary, manticore seems better but there is the added danger of reflect damage as well
I have an entry level version of both weapons, the calamity I'm using now, and a LS 1 socket manticore.

I prefer calamity even though on paper it loses out on DPS by a lot.

With 71% crit chance (with caltrops), using lightning bolt, as long as I have the hatred, everything WILL be stunned.

With night stalker passive on top of that, given enough enemy, I gain more than 14 discipline in 5 seconds, meaning without a legacy nat set, I'm still perma gloomed. Although I have noticed with the ninja stars skill, it doesn't seem to work that way any more.

So basically, AT LOWER LEVELS (where I am now), I can just park my DH in the middle of whatever I feel like if I have a calamity equip, VS having to constantly readjust myself to stay alive.
Hi OP,
I will not advise on a cost/dps perspective since you have good access to both.

Pros & Cons of Calamity:
1. Fast attack speed-> higher hatred regen,
2. Mark of Death Proc -> off-sheet increase of 12% dmg/dps increase
3. Flexibility -> DW, 1H+quiver/shield
4. Less Crit Chance requirement on Gear due to Archery Passive

1. Less per shot dmg vis a vis Manticore
2. Need Really good gear to make it competitive vs Manticore

You may wish to take a look at a guide I did earlier for more indepth reasoning:

When I play in groups I like to use my Danetta's set. Solo I use my Manticore. I also have a socketed Windforce, mostly because I'm sentimental and I like the way it looks.

A friend of mine has a Calamity and puts it to good use, but he recently switched back to a Manticore because he ran into a dps ceiling and wanted more power for higher MP.

Dual wielding is sexy ;)
I've used 1100+ dps versions of windforce, calamity, and manticore. Like most have said, it's a matter of play style. If you like max dps, then a crossbow is the answer.

1H bows are my preferred choice because for me, it's more fun to shoot fast and scoot around the screen. When channeling strafe or using instants like cluster arrow or multi-shot -- a crossbow works better. When soloing -- nothing beats the fun watching demons get knocked back from windforce as their HP depletes -- incidentally, my scoundrel uses windforce while I use the handbow -- best of both worlds :D
calamity+deadman'slegacy + bolashot(bitter pill) + nightstalker = unlimited discpline...

i'm only using danetta set but i am already close to unlimited discpliine.. imagine the aspd of calamity and how much it procs discipile.. with that you could perma gloom + since calamity also regens hatred so fast, you could also spam echo blast (the best dmging aoe skill for DH)...
w/ Manticore, I can tank mp7 packs. Mainly because the crit bubbles are so big that the life I gain is more than enough to replenish my health pool.

1.1k dps, dex, double socket manticore = up to 1.8m crits

I use calamity, but only for lower mp lvls, its dps is not enough to give me sustainable life regen per tick on mp7+...

1.05k dps, socket calamity = up to 700k crits
Rev, you might be forgetting a few things...

-With archery, your manticore will do more crit damage, but your calamity will crit more often.
-Your calamity has a higher attack speed, it's expected to do less damage per hit even if everything else is the same
-Reflect damage.

Not saying you're wrong, since you have first hand experience, and I'm only basing my assumptions on theory, but I think the difference won't be by a huge margin if a calamity is capable of rolling 2 sockets.
11/06/2012 09:36 PMPosted by Rev0
1.1k dps, dex, double socket manticore = up to 1.8m crits

just wondering do you see that yellow 1800000 on screen for your attacks or you just estimate? also what skill you using to get that crit number? i haven't seen a number that big on screen (at least i think not) but maybe im using different skill
all the top players are using 2 handed. i choose to dual 1 hander is can kite faster with high movement speed. now in ah u can see 1300k calamity
Depends on your style of combat and what build you're going for. I had a manticore and switched to a calamity because the cookie cutter cluster arrow build I've been running for months was getting old. Now I just use the speedy calamity to stun lock things into oblivion. I do less damage per shot, but it's nice not to one shot myself on reflect damage mobs ;-D
I prefer nuking (22% spike trap bonus and manticore). most of my 200k+ dps is without attack speed. most people would hate to play that way with only 1.6 attacks/sec. but I'm not much of a hungering arrow/elemental kind of guy. most of my dps comes from my traps (vs elites, multishot for whites)

(my profile is on MP2 speed run xp build)


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