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Scala :
When using trap you need to predict the path of the mob. For melee mob you can vault into the middle of mibs and spam trap under ur feet. they will come toward u and die.

For ranged, tbey alwaya follow the same spam a few attack ->move a few yardx-> attack routine. over time you will be able to tell where they are going to stop and place a trap there.

Playing a trap build require you to be fully aware of the battle on the whole screen but not just the tiny spot around your toon
i farm keys mp 7 and mp 8 if i want to but as for exp i stay at mp4 which seems to be the most efficient for me.
personally, check my profile if ya want, ive got decent items, but i need to max out the stats on em now, i do 113k, using only archery, no sharpshooter and no steady aim, with sharpshooter and steady aim i do 230k, and i usually farm lvl 5 solo, die a couple times but thats all
I still think its all about magic find gear. Whats easier for you, farming MP3 without your helmet or farming mp5 with it? Grab a 20% mf helmet with a socket, stick a fat topaz in it for 45% mf. Hire the Enchantress, arm her with a Vizor weapon with 45% mf, 2x 20% mf rings, 33% mf amulet, you've now got 3 monster power levels of mf and all you have done is taken off your helmet.

My DH can blaze down mp3 as easy as my Barb can farm mp1, but by equiping the items above and some other magic find swaps I use on the barb I can get his mf higher in mp1 than my DH can get in mp5. My DH is my 'main' character, but all I use is the barb because I can get his mf through the roof while only losing about 15% health and 20% dps.

Plus the Barb just has that special something. I played this game since day 1, 100s upon 100s of hours pre 1.05 and found only 4 leg items. Post patch, played about 20 hours with the DH on mp1 with huge mf, taking a beating, nothing dropped. Switched to Barb and I've found about 8 legendaries and 3 set items in the last week, and despite having half the dps of the DH can still hammer through foes with mf gear on.

Im not saying theres a Jay Wilson special Barb magic buff conspiracy... but theres a Jay Wilson special Barb magic buff conspiracy. I have had mild success playing DH with my router wrapped in baco foil though, may be the way forward.
I can breeze through MP5 in my gear, which is all pretty cheap, almost all champ packs die in under 15 seconds(WOTB duration)(I hate extra hp tremors). Sure act 1 farms fast, but Act 5 has 36% bonus items ontop of higher MF, your going to need to kill !@#$ at an impossible rate in MP1 to match my drops in Mp5. I can 1-2hit every normal mob in act 5 in gear that all cost under 10mill(-spear). Alot of people only kill the champ packs when they farm, which i think is stupid. Last night I got like 8 legs, all from white mobs. I cannot say for certain I have ever gotten one from a champ pack. The best drop a gob has ever given me was a 3k pile of gold. My friend has only like 70k dps and hes farming act 4 fast on his DH.
with my character I can farm act 5 in about 20 minutes with only dying once or twice. I do have to say I have some pretty good gear with almost 250dps 4860 armor and almost 600 res all.
I believe its all about the gear that u have. One of my frd who has 460K dps w/o sharper (bola/sentry/strap builds) can farm mp6 to mp7 like farming mp1. He took about 20-25 mins if alkaizer run.

Here's a vid of me doing MP10, 6 elite kills in 6 minutes and that includes travel times....I can do MP 5+ pretty fast.

WW Barb, 130k dps

(By the way, I did it all without any defensive passives because someone challenged me to)
I would enjoy some training for my barb who is currently approaching 40. My wizard 60 p6 and his Additional 30% DMG Taken from Enemies is kicking my tale... I can still run ML1 but that's about it with my wizard so far.

I have not spent any actual money online to buy gold however. Just trying to rock it old school, been playing since Diablo when you could start fires in the town. Diablo II was great cow runs back in the day, baal runs, mephy ah yea! Nothing like a Blizzard Sorc or Hammerdin;)

So here we are in Diablo 3 I am wanting to voice chat in game yet we have no options for it. I have found that on Nightmare ML 10 compared to Hell ML 10 gold farming to be much more beneficial. On NM ML10 I average about 15-20k every 10 minutes, but I have also noticed when I just play a public game and roll with the mob. I gain fund rather quickly as well.
MP5 no problem i do die to refection elites but that is expected when i 1-3 shot myself in a volley of 3 critted celestial arcane orbs, I'm arcane warp build telp no blizzard..i use critted arcane orb using celestial rune with 30% crit -146,409 dps when Time warp is up, which it is almost always with the crit percentage and advanced attk speed, from warp....I do have 500res all, but with this build i feel hardly tapped out on dps or potential, i could probably hit 7mp with the maxxed runspeed i have, somehow i will admit i'm a glasscannon build that for some reason survives a great deal.
Mp5 no problem. My gear pretty good not the best. take a look.

I use prep, ROV, bola{bitter pill}, gloom, and ball lightning.
I kite when i need to but with enough attack speed bitter pill can keep you in almost perm gloom.

SS is useless if your crit chance is above 40.
If you want ill stream MP5 Key farms
To me MP 1-3 are the best no matter how good your gear is. I get on MP1 with both signet and hellfire ring for maximum exp... use the best skills for mobility and still trounce everything.

I've learned of a faster wizard build than even archon is for MP1, much akin to WW Barb. Basically use one cast Blizzard with Stark Weather rune (increased range) and everything dies in one cast. Right click once and just move on, everything dies while you're off screen. 50-60M/hour, but you need 250k+ DPS.

Use Teleport with Wormhole and Storm Armor with scramble for huge mobility boosts.

Do this on MP1 if you're strong enough and it's just way too fast that even higher MP's can't compete.

Who cares if you have more MF, killing more monsters overall is just better. Especially when MF has diminishing returns the more you get.
well i guess its because
1) mp6 n above games usually are done solo or with ur own regular groups,
2) usually people do not farm higher mps, they just get 5nv and go for keys or ubers,
3) takes too long to farm to be efficient
4) usually u need like 400-500 AR unbuffed, 40+k hp then use perfectionist to be able to take a few hits from mobs

i seen lots of dhs with OP's dps n hp doing the above, but like he says, usually dhs do not farm in mps higher than 6. takes too long. other than that OP shouldnt have any prob with mp6 elites, as his setup is good already. just some skill changes n practice i guess
I run on MP2 for gaining the most experience and still getting a good amount of legendary drops. It is the most efficient for me. I have experimented with up to MP5 for efficiency and speed. MP2 is what I farm with the most. This is on my Monk, which I actually like playing the most right now also.
Let's see, when in my normal gear I'm only 88k dps. I do key runs in MP 6 in 20 mins. 15-30 min actually, but it seems like 20 is the mean. I do bola w/ mucho dmg, and loaded for bear. caltrops that roots, gloom, and a pet whichever I feel like fo rthe run. It's slower going for DH's compared to equally geared barbs, that's for damn sure. I feel I've got it down though. If my comp was good enough to record vids I would for you. Sorry I can't.
Ok as it is i dont have the best gear but i probly have a strange build any ways. i do 112K dps with no passives on. I only have 19k life and 900+ AR. I dont know what merc you use but i use the scoundrel and he does 15k dps. dont care for MF on him at all. I can solo MP5 with ease and yes i do die when i get cornered. I dont run the dis hungry build of DH and im sure i could get better DPS if i didnt like havin the high AR. Look at my gear and my skills. like i say i think i run an diff build than most. MP 6 havent really cared to run it as it would slow down alot and such. I think most ppl that have a DH also have a barb as well, and if i want to swing higher i go to him and do MP 8 or 7.

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