Rain of Toads: crit chance? crit damage?

Witch Doctor
whats up guys!

I want to change my build a little bit and need some help.
My current eq is based on crit chance, crit damage, int, vit, little bit atk speed, resist against all elements im running through inferno with fire bomb a maximus and 95k dps.
Now i want to change on Rain of Toads and Acid cloud i got in both rings, amulett, wrists,hands and head crit chance is it now better to go more on atk speed, should i got another wep with more power and less crit damage or can i keep going with my old EQ?
i dont know exactly how rain of toads gets calculatet.

wish for help Thanks!
I've been using RoT for ages... aspd is certainly useful for RoT but crit still gives you the most damage.
Thx bro, soo i going on high crit rate + crit dmg and maybe some more atk speed

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