Blizzard is violating tax laws on RMAH sales.

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Internet transactions are only taxed when they are in-state, yet the RMAH charges tax on all purchases. Where does the tax go if they are from 1 of the other 49 states, or another country even? Also, blizzard is not even reporting the tax value on paypal receipts/documentation, and in some instances tax is being charged twice! I have viewed paypal receipts for items purchased with the first listed price already including tax, and then having that new total value be taxed again (a second time).

Here is an example of purchase:
Item amount:
$2.48 USD
Sales Tax:
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD
$0.00 USD

$2.48 was actually the price including tax, but blizzard seems to prefer to pocket the tax money for themself.

Also, for selling an item, it will list tax as $0.00. So as you can see from the 2nd example below, the sellers gross sale price is what item was listed and tax is listed as 0. This shows that the seller is not getting the tax $ the buyer is paying, and the buyer is paying regardless if it is necessary (out of state internet sales are not taxed).

Here is a sale example:
Sale price $13.37
Transaction fee $1.00
Transfer fee $1.86
Applicable taxes $0.00
Your proceeds $10.51

So anyone care to guess how much blizzard has made off of money that was allegedly tax?
You have no clue how the sales work. Without being too brutal on you, Blizzard isn't keeping any taxes when it says 0.00 collected. Blizz keeps a fee, not a tax.

If a person sells an item for $50, there is no tax on that amount. The buyer pays $50, the seller collects $50 (minus AH & Paypal fees if applicable). There is no built in tax on that $50. When you go to a store and pay $100 for something, the tax is not built in. It is added to the sale, just like here. It shows no tax added, because there was no tax added...
Sales tax law is pretty complicated and varies based on state, and can vary based on where out-of-state purchases are made. This is just the US; international taxation can be a bit more complicated.

I would suggest you do some HEAVY research before making wild accusations next time.

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