My next upgrade part 2

Demon Hunter
I did one of these a while ago but since then I have upgrade a lot of my gear. I am mostly happy with my damage right now but I am having survival issues when start running MP 4. I think my next upgrades need to focus on Vit and AS but I could use a little input.
Adding 60+ RA to your Andariel's Visage should only cost you around 10M. It also shouldn't cost you too much to up the CC on your amulet from 4.5 to 8%. It'll cost a bit but I think you can upgrade your gloves to include CD and almost twice as much DEX for around 25M. At some point you'll want to look into Vile Wards to add 100+ DEX to your shoulders.

Lacuni Prowlers with 80-95 DEX, 4% CC and either armor, VIT or RA should be on your shopping list for a substantial DPS upgrade. I think mine were around 50M, but the prices seem to have gone up.

And the most important upgrade you'll need to make at some point is to increase the base DPS on your Manticore to something in the 1200+ DPS range, but that won't be so cheap.

I'm at the point where I don't know what to upgrade anymore. I'm at 219k DPS in my damage gear (currently using my socketed Mempo with no CC and a Hellfire Ring for massive EXP bonuses at 200k DPS). Short of getting godly trifecta jewelry and gloves I just don't see room for anything other than minor incremental upgrades on the equipment I already have. I've got around 50M gold at the moment and that might jump to 100M+ after some sales but there's nothing even close to that price range that would provide a real upgrade. Just kind of at a loss right now.
i would say ammy or boots...

the #1 stat you are hurting for is VIT (aim is 1000 vit/40khp)
you could go witching hr with dex/vit AR (more dps)

but best bang for your buck would be the ammy.. low crit, low cd, 100 dex
try to get 7.5crit55%cd min ... those are cheaper now.
the boots

96dex,no vit... almost worthwhile looking at yellow boots.

Depending on which direction your wanting to go in I would look at adding AR or IAS to your rings. One give better eHP, the other, more DPS!
Nice gear Thalos. The only thing to upgrade could be your crossbow ... but even then it's pretty darn good. What should be my next upgrade ?

I would look at getting some Nat's boots, then Nat's ring or Chest. Although nats chest with AR can be a bit expensive, one with high vit give as much total eHP and ones with AR instead. Also I have an Ammy that I've been trying to sell wihout any luck. Shoot me a friend request saying Ammy in it. I can't recall the stats on it, but if it's better then yours you can have it.

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