Blizzard, Learn from Yahoo.

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Still interested in seeing more opinions on the topic.
Another good example is the multiple weeks now that players have had AH issues with getting their gold back after losing an auction. This is the 2nd or 3rd week in a row, AFTER maintenance, where I have seen AH issues.

This leaves me to assume Blizzard made the exact same mistake as last week or the week before.

Where is the incentive to continue playing when Blizzard does not communicate its problems or listen to the community for excellent changes that would make this game even more fun?
No, I'm comparing the level of service given by two different companies after a mishap occurs.
Oh, please don't ask for that.

Yahoo has gone down the toilet in the past 5 years. There mail is crap, you can't hardly use it, and there search engine is run by Bing, they have way to many errors and are pretty much only good for their name recognition.

Blizzards heading this way but not quite there yet, in a few more years maybe.
I agree, but Yahoo's new CEO - I think CEO anyway - has done a decent job turning the company back around.

The point is still, this company went and gave excellent service at the drop of a hat. The extra effort is what is appreciated, and is the reason Yahoo will continue to succeed.

Everyone uses Google to search anyway.

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