Molten Impact VS Liquefy

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The CM/WW vs Meteor Liquefy question

So I bought 8% cc to WW wand (Sloraks Madness), lost attack speed so I am at 2.33 as, 56% cc and 64% cc for WW. And 166k dps.

Freezing 1v1 is much much better, almost permafreeze (I was unable to do that before). 1v2 is like a dream. Damage is much higher too (18%).

But, i lost 600 life on hit and I'm at 1450+-. I have no problem with MP10 reflect with electrized, but Kings "walk" now gets me (never before with previous 2.5 as 1950 loh setup).

Do you also think that Liquefy will proc more life on hit than Explosive Blast Chain Reaction?

Have anyone tested it? I'm 3 days off. :'( But have feelings that it could be much better.
I've put some broken math here:

Looks like Meteor is better than Explosive Blast when talking bout CM procs and loh returns.

But spam only 1 Meteor per 2 sec or something like that to not ruin WW stuff.

Damnit, I smell Mr. Obvious around, lmao... :-D
During holidays im gonna spend a solid weekend doing old school testing of popular builds. Time vs HP so we can see whats best. but I can tell u right now dropping EB is a massive hit on DPS like i get 700K with shaggys meteor build vs 1.4m with traditional SNS + molten at peaks. Do both ofc,
If Liquefy with WW is better for CM procing than EB...

Could anyone test it DPS wise? Damn the weekend out of PC...

(1 meteor per 2 seconds to not ruin WW spam)
I'll ask again!

Does anyone know if the increased proc duration on Liquify applies to conflag? or does conflag only trigger on the initial impact?
if they on your dot and impact it works. or you got firewalkers on and they are close. basically look at them if they buring conflag is working

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