"Searchable on the AH in 5 mins"

Bug Report
I always rely on this "5 minute" feature to check
the digits of the price I'm putting my item up for on AH.

One reason is because of the commas that appear once it gets listed.
I also thought this was one of those functions that prevented mistakes.

A message pops up once you post an item clearly stating that it will be "Searchable on the AH in 5 mins". Why isn't this working?
Hey Blade,

We just logged a bug for this and sent it up to the developers. The Auction House should not be allowing searches and bids/buyouts on items before the 5 minute timer is up.
We have a fix ready to deploy, but it will require the Auction House servers to be restarted. I do not know when that will happen, but hopefully soon.

EDIT: Spoke too soon.
SO true! i fail writing a price and a AH bot Instant buy my item, the item cost 20.000.000 and the bot take for 2.000.000.

I click accept and byes to the item 18.000.000 more cheap.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did lose quite a sum of gold due in part to my carelessness and in part to this AH bug, so I guess its a moot point to ask for a compensation, especially when there are so many people out there who are asking for one too.

But I thank you for acting on this quickly and letting us know of your progress.
Please keep updating us. Thanks
I lost gold to this bug because I was trying to chat and hit enter which posted my item. Something needs to be done to make this right, we made a boo-boo, but they system is malfunctioning and we are being punished as a result.
Ty for the speedy hotfix. Very happy about it :)
This whole situation makes me sad :(
So we just have to take the loss on our potential profits despite the fault being Blizzard's?

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