What should my Act 2 key run be?

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I'm new and working backwards. I've got all my Act 4 and Act 3 route down, but I need this one next.

I'll do search if I don't get easy answers. Trying to get one more from act 3 before I go back an Act. I like to get two stacks of NV. Then go hunt for the guy. If I don't have five stacks by then I'll tp out and go to the next area.

I also need to get my piece to make the herding staff.

Any help appreciated.
Desoulet(however you spell it. W.E.) sands, find the Vault of the Assassins, usually a ton of mobs in there, but once in there you auto get a checkpoint, so after you get your stacks than kill the warden, just exit that game and click start game, BAM back in the Vault with a ton of mobs.

Seems to work well for me. Just need to find the warden a little faster.
Thanks a ton.

Where is the warden?

Do you know where I get the staff of herding part?
keywarden is in the oasis. and yeah that's a fast route to get stacks. finding him is a pain though. I swear he is playing hide and seek sometimes...
clear out desolate sands till you stack up but if along the way you came across VOA, go into it then maybe clear it out if you're up to it.

then go to the warden. really up to how you're feeling, op.
herding staff for the Pony level?
the dalghur oasis is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge that solo key farming is a pain in the neck. besides, getting a group/friends benefits everybody (loots/exp)
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vault of the assassin in the desolate sands

1. vault of the assassin in the desolate sands
2. oasis.
vault of the assassin is like a shopping mall for elite/champ/white mobs. it's the place to be, brah. it's like your mini act3 if you will. no other place has such quantity of elites/champs/mobs imo although knee depths lvl 1-2-3 may be a challenger.
10/30/2012 01:08 AMPosted by pichapiegal
the dalghur oasis is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge that solo key farming is a pain in the neck. besides, getting a group/friends benefits everybody (loots/exp)

Agreed! And friends do make farming MUCH easier/fun/beneficial. Dang Picha, quit being so sensible, this is the D3 forums! ;)
I got lucky my first time. Got key on first run, and was only on mp1 to boot. Wish I could have had my moment of luck in the form of gearses :s
as far as the staff of herding... for act two you are looking for zavin which stands in the southern alcoves of the oasis..once you beat monsters he opens cave and item is in chest, also you get the leg from the little girl vendor in town
I played in A2 a lot in 1.04 before I could handle A3. This was my typical run:

Start at Kulle
Alcarnus (sp?): Very small and 1-2 elite packs. No goblins.
Desolate sands: find vault and cave. Sometimes there are two caves. Desolate stands had a very high legendary drop rate for me (about half of my 1.04 legendaries came from desolate stands). Learn the layout of vault so you don't have to backtrack. Caves sometimes have as many elites per square foot. Both caves and vault sometimes have goblins.
Sewers: small and 1-3 elite packs, sometimes a treasure goblin, and sometimes a purple.
Unknown depths and storm halls: fairly large, but lots of elite packs.

Then sometimes I went to lower-density areas if I didn't feel like starting a new game:
Dahgul (sp?) oasis: Now this place is actually good because of keywarden.
Black caynon mines: Sometimes an elite just northwest of waypoint. South one screen there is sometimes a cave. If not north one screen is a purple. Head toward stinging winds.
Stinging winds: There's always one vault here, but sometimes you'll have to go to alcarnus (sp?) and try the other section.

I always skipped realm of shadows, Belial, and other sewer-like areas: very low elite density.
Black Canyon Mines to kill 2
Go to Oasis and kill 3 searching for the KW
there are SO MANY elites and event and whatnot in the Oasis, why would you ever go anywhere else? It's not like you have to check all over Oasis anyway to find the warden, just do events/packs while searching and 4 times out of 5 you have 5stack before you find him.
act 2 is really easy mate,

black canyon mines aka BCM will give you 1-2

road to alcarnus is guaranteed 1 pack (optional)

go straight to path of oasis there should be 1-2 right at the start of dahlgur

go dahlgur oasis waypoint and do the rakanishu event for 1, locate sokahr first and leave him there until you get the remaining stacks

dahlgur has plenty of elites around so I prefer jumping there to start locating sokahr as the entire map is huge.
No need to go to desolate sands and spend time finding elites or the vault of the assassin.

Just do a quick trip to black canyon mines and road to alcarnus for a quick 3-5 stacks. The rest you can find in the oasis while searching for the keywarden.
I hit up the sewers first for a very quick 1-2 stacks. Also good is looking right around the Black Canyon waypoint (there's often at least 1 very near it), or running through Alcarnus.

Once I have 1-2 stacks, I explore the Oasis. If I find him too early, I simply take note of his location and run away and find more packs to kill. It's easier to ditch the keywardens by running away than most enemies.

Other runs I just head out to the Oasis at 0 stacks and start working. As Buchsbaum mentions, it's a large area. Just run away and find something else to fight if you need to.
Potato and Bushbaum I liked your answers.

I have it narrowed down to one of three options.

Please consider that my character is not twinked and can die semi-easily

1) Start in VOA - if for some reason this like the pit or Masoleum in Diablo 2? If it has insane drop rates I would always start here. I would never go into anywhere or into anywhere else so I would always start here. TP to town and take WP to Oasis. Have a couple of stacks for sure.

2) Just go to Oasis and start looking. Both times I've hit 5 stacks before findings. I did go into one of the caves once though for the chest and to get five stacks. I already got my liquid rainbow on second try. Luckiest ever for me. I can pop in the caves if I don't have enough stacks.

3) Black Canyon mines. A couple of people mentioned this. I would start here before Oasis. Is this popular because it's convenient, drop rate, or safety. The other reason I ask about this is it easy to find the unique to get your last stack if necessary. Some people run from keywarden and clear rest of act. I like teleporting out of act and clearing. I've accidently killed keywarden before.

Thanks for comments I really liked the full act run potato suggested. I'm just looking for the keys while hoping for some good drops.

By the way does Act 2 suck the most in keeping with the Diablo tradition?

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