skorn vrs immortal king's boulder breaker

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I tried switch to a skorn with

socket(with crit damage of about 70 all I could afford at the moment)
168% crit damage
and of course bleed for something like 6000-9000 area

my damage was high very high. 90k unbuffed and over 110k buffed, I was hitting hard but the huge loss in life steal made it impossible to survive. I tried tinkering with specs but couldn't find one that works.

I ended up just going back to my immortal kings with life steal(one currently equipped in my profile)..... my damage may have been alot lower but the life steal was keeping me alive and allowing me to whirlwind around champs and specials without ever breaking a sweat. I could see with getting a skorn with life steal be nice but there starting at a steep price of about 55million.

More or less what im looking for is some onions or advice. A guy could pick up some more life steal on a belt but only max of 3%
how many ww barbs are using the immortal set?
maybe change superstition to life steal. easy 3%
is it 3% or is it scalled back to whatever it may be on inferno(something like 20% of the actual value is it not?)
i have an IK set but the boulder breaker isn't very popular ... you don't need it to get the 5 set bonus and it's not that great compared to other weapons. that being said, a skorn with LS can be VERY expensive so maybe just stick with the boulder breaker until you can afford one.

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