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would like to know more singaporean wizards.
share builds
get good deals on items
get to know chicks =X
and whatsoever =D haha

come on here!!

guys. do you all notice that wizard chat in game has very little people? lets all SG wiz TAKE OVER THAT CHANNEL!! muahahahha.. easier to chat for us too =D
me me me add meee
me too! :) nice to meet you all.
SG wiz here. Playing a CM since May 2012.
u guys can add me =D
im going sch now... see u guys in game...

Add me too!
I'm not Singaporean but I live in Singapore, does that count?
Feel free to add me. (Just put singapore in your invite request :D )
I'm Singaporean but I don't live in Singapore. Does that count?
Reporting in...
LOL i just posted a thread to look for SG peeps!
Will be adding you...

my battletag: Veda#6820

if you need people to help with with mp 8+ ubers, and its weekday nites or weekend afternoon/nites,
From SG too.
i'm online now! add me!

any one wanna do an all SG WIZ uber run?

Not a singaporean but working in singapore... Add me up!!!
meeeee sg lang :D
added u
Can add me as well..
i do need advice on items and build..
imo, my items are too lousy....

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