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add me....
Hrm.....malaysian but living in singapore... add me if you don't mind.
This thread is expanding rapidly.
sup guys, feel free to add me
LOL Singaporean in Asia Server, does this count?
Sg wizzy here too
SG here too!
add me mltsai#6686. we should have a wiz meetup some time.
hope to meet some friends too, add me ^^
Me too. Can add me.
lai lai all.. just ka ka add nia.. mai pai seh..


got char bor anot? LOL
Can add me as well..
i do need advice on items and build..
imo, my items are too lousy....

whr got lousy? trifecta ring lei. u jus get more crit chance and get new source can liao. chantodo source for cm, triumvrate for archon.
Hi add me too ^^
add me
Born in SG but grew up in the States...does that count? LOL
I'm in

add me, wudiyama#1977
hi all :)
Yo ! from sg too :D

Still trying to improve on my gears :<
Hi all,

Add me too..

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