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Forget to say my battle tag lol :x

Jotorious #6530

Add me lai lai!
me too ! dont be shy ! Emperor#6740 !!!!!!!!! singapore meteor wiz here
guys. do you all notice that wizard chat in game has very little people? lets all SG wiz TAKE OVER THAT CHANNEL!! muahahahha.. easier to chat for us too =D
add me, thanks
singaporean here! add me up~
nice to see singaporeans online :)
hi fellow local wizards,

we're looking for cm ww wizards to join us doing MP7 A3 farming. I am a monk and will use cyclone strike to pull all the surrounding mobs for quick kills.

Would prefer min 100k DPS, able to survive and move along with the party.

timing - mostly evening @ weekday, may be morning or all round @ weekend. you can join us anytime as you like. you can leave halfway through the game if you need to. no obligation. we can do it fine without cm ww but it is faster against elite ranged mobs with cm ww wizards.

add me, sayuu#1805 (173k unbuffed DPS monk)
add me,
add me 2
When will they ever add a guild function.

Anyway, add me too! Zennoia#6606
inc SG-reans haters.
this to farm or cheehong place hahaha
Add me too!! SGer!!!
Wa seh, did not know there are so many around.

Bumming around these days, currently testing out the lazy !@# cui build (only need to left click and righ click mouse with very infrequent 1,2,3,4) - perpetual disintegrate with tal set + stone of jovar.

CC build will probably spoil my laptop's buttons 1,2 and 3. :-)
Lai lai! SG CM/WW wiz reporting in!

Add me also.
Group CM wiz (always upgrading)
Solo FL/Arcane wiz

Very good p'lvler too. 1-60 in 2-3hrs. :)
I am from Singapore!

Hybrid CM/WW/Archon

DPS 244k buffed!

Do add me at pug#6515

Add me too
noob wizard here Ucrazizit#6987

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