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I am chee bye kia.. >.< Best way to intro myself.. lolx
Add me if you all want a noob wiz friend.. XD

Oh My.. Didnt know the famous Akasha is from SG..
Only add me if you are a singaporean chiobu. kthxbye!

yoz reporting in from lakeside lol...
I juz returned to d3 from gw2 like 2 wks ago... but with the gold i left in my acct be4 i quitted in aug, i was able to build back my wiz to where it is now.
Currently steamrolling mp2-3 with archon and mp6-8 for my CM/WW build.
Feel free to add me in game.
Add me!

Archon wiz, here. I ove to try my luck at treasure hunt! So game for loot and xp runs!

Also..... I have not made an effort for hellfire ring yet..... so would be keen to join any uber game.
Lus.. u do knw this is US server forum right? -_- here also bump into u.. Now go tw forum spam XD
add me hor. CM/WW/MS wiz. Liquid#6905. Kam Siah
SG Wiz here.
from SG
add me too :)
Me 2 ^^
SG Wiz, Barb, DH, WD, Monk...... :D
add me for CM uber or just speed farming
From SG too!

Feel free to add me for uber runs :D
Hallo !

CM wiz here~
I am LKY.

I have all classes 60 lol.

Lets form a SG clan. Got cm/wiz but mainly play BARB

add me if u wish
hi CM wiz here. running archon for levelling, cm/ww for ubers.
reporting in~~~
hey anyone wants to do key runs?
add me ! ubers / farming / chatting , whatever it is, add me if your a singaporean !

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