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where's our boss Charlatan? :D
Singaporean CM Wiz

Trying to chiong till plvl 100

Do uber, key warden runs, and farming on MP10

thx gladiator!

now starting as CM/WW wiz..
add me in game if not finding me as a dragging baggage
I'm not Singaporean, I don't live in Singapore, but I like Singapore. Does that count?
sure! u're welcome to sg!!!
Hey guys, just to check. what are your latency? Mine is 250ms at best and its so hard to run cm wizard (usually running at 2.51 or 2.74 aps). I have to forsake shards just so I can have crystal shell on standby.

My deaths are usually due to teleport and crystal skin failing to activate when i need them. you guys have such problems?
Singaporean here too but Im not a CM Wizard. Usually run the kiting build blizzard/hydra with fork lightning in group. If got CM wizard or those monk that drag all the mob to him I will use some other spell like meteor/ slow time/ arcane torrent.

Solo I play Archon at MP6, melting mobs/elite fast and I can usually just stand there face tanking the elites :D
@ Spyky, mine latency is around 200ms on avg. Hey i dont see any Wiz on your toon :P
Hello! Add me up too!
Vengenz93 #6180
Yo, SG Wizard CM/WW build from jurong west, play since may 2012. Add me @ Dragon76 #1763
Add me too Nemesis#6609, from Outram.

Meteor/Blizzard wiz here >200k dps, you don't get to see this build very often.
sg wiz here...add me. boss#1357
and me :)
Where's the chicks!?

SG Player here not just wiz LOL
any spore wiz still playing?
ups for sin kar por lang. :D
CM/WW from Tampines

@Liquid : sin kar por lang -> (Singapore wolf) lolzzz :P

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