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Hi Fellow Aussies, I bought the game about 2 months ago and it automatically created an account on the American Servers. So I'e been playing there with my son for about 2 months.

We play Hardcore only

Both of us have lost high level character to lag and I was just wondering about lag Downunder. Problem is that we I switched over we would loose all our gold.

There is no Aussie server. The US server is the best for us :(
I thought there was an Asian server
The Asian server is not meant to be for us, Blizzard did that for SC2 and then noticed that most routing in Australia makes the Asia based server actually worse for us then the US servers, hence they defaulted us to US now.

Some people find the Asia server a little better pingwise, but only a small difference and it all depends on your location and your internet routing(not your speed).
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Additional note to the Asian server, it's weird but as far as I know, places like Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines are also recommended to play in the US server... even if they are in south east asia.
To elaborate, there WAS a SEA server for SC2, instead of the asia server narull is mentioning. That server had better ping for the SEA country and WA, but not for eastern states. The problem with SC2 is you want to play against a big player base to not get bored, which was why ppl jumped over to the US server for more player base. Diablo is not like SC2. We dont need a big player base to find partner that we can run 24/7 with. You only need a handful of player. Alot of us plays solo. But blizz based the judgement on the trend that happened in SC2 to decide we dont want an SEA server, which was scratched when D3 came around.

So, if we had an SEA server, the SEA country and WA will definitely get better ping. Eastern states may still want to stay on US server. Not alot of ppl try to differentiate an asia server and SEA server, but yeh it is there.

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