Error 316612 still there

Technical Support
I searched this error and found only 2-3 threads (very old...), but now this error happend to me.
Makes no fun when you get dc with this nice and lovely error and your hc char is dead.

Was fighting against the skeleton king, no lags, all fine, but then this damn error was there.

fix it plz or if you can't, but you can prove that the char dies 'cause this error then give us a possibility to revive. thanks
happened to me just now. Was WWing some mobs and instant dc but didn't get logged out of bnet just back to the main menu with ah, resume game, etc.. tried to resume game and now have the error.
I was playing just a moment ago and got this error. It just sent me to my character screen. Tried to resume. Error message. So I relogged and he is dead. Seriously wtf. Was at the beginning of a zone and it says I died to a skeletal warrior. 42 barb, 24 hours gone. Keep up the AMAZING work blizzard. Your contact system is just wonderful and very helpful. Ffs
Why does this happen??? why would blizzard, one of the biggest pc rpg game makers, allow this to go on for so long. kind of pissed that I just lost my third character to this. until I hear this is fixed I wont be playing any of their games. i consider thismore infuriating than bf4, with rubber banding and lag all over the place, because you lose all your progress if it happens. shows us all how much blizzard cares about their customers. till I see that this has been fixed I will tell everyone I know to never play their games because they don't fix major buggs

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