Farming Act 4 for Hell Fire Ring Plan

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Morning all,

I have now tried 25 times to try and get the plan for the Hell Fire ring, I have tried levels between MP 1-5.

Is there something I am missing or haven't achieved?
The blacksmith is at full level, not sure about the jeweler!

I have all the keys ready to go.

I still need to get the plans and will likely be farming for them tomorrow.

Aside from your Jeweller level....either you've been very unlucky, or you were killing the Keywarden without 5 NV stacks.
Hi Meaty, did you kill the KW with 5 stacks of NV?
Otherwise, it's just bad luck I guess :(
Hi Dr, just to tell you are not alone, I had 27 attempts to get my first key#3 on MP1.

Again, can't confirm it for 100%, but from my experience it is better to get 5NV before you register hit on keywarden. Also I have never got anything with <5NV even I didn't touch him and looked for elites to obtain full NV.

Efficiency is another thing, MP1 preferable. Finish elites faster to get ready for him. Or MP10 :)
Mp6 is the way to go. Just ask a fellow leet for help.
if you want a carry upto 6-8 depending on your char give me a shout, mp8 drops almost everytime with 5 stax. The plans took me about 12 attempts on 5, just the way it goes :/ I'll be on most of tonight.

:edit: you are talking about the plans dropped by the diablo key warden in act IV? or the plans bought from squirt in Act 2?
had it drop for me twice..
add me i can help
Hmmm Hell fire ring plan? I thought you bought the hell fire ring recipe for 2 million and the Keywarden on Act4 drops the plans to make the infernal machine?
Yes guys, it is the machine plan, not squirts one, I always have 5NV before I enter his area (I hit Level 1 of the spire and work my way through, there is between 5 and 7 packs depending on try)

I tried again last night with no success, I am trying again on Friday night so will try and add a few of you guys to help me out, I will try on 6 or 7 and see how I go.

Thanks Again.
my suggestion is to keep trying on MP5&6. You might die more times than on MP1 but you have better chance of getting the drop.
add me mate will be doing runs for it tonight on mp5-7 happy to carry u

11/14/2012 01:24 PMPosted by DrMeatshield
Yes guys, it is the machine plan,

Took me around 40 tries on MP1-5, most annoying thing was when he dropped me the plan for flawless star topaz :(

A friend I am doing ubers from time to time with got his plan the first try in a public game.
You must have 5 NV stacks which is a bit easier said than done on Act IV.

NV5 MP5 has netted us the plan multiple times in under 10 runs.

I am actually stuck with a plan I can't get rid of as you only need the plan once, I was helping friends out so they could get their plans as well.

One trick is to make sure you try to clear the area out as much as possible around the key warden so you can concentrate just on him or her or it. :)
11/15/2012 05:06 PMPosted by Whisper
You must have 5 NV stacks which is a bit easier said than done on Act IV.

If you have last wp you can first clear spire 2 and if you don't get to NV5 there go to the gardens - usually got 3-5 elite packs in spire 2.
I been doing mp 3 solo about 15 runs with no luck with still ant got a damn plan so your def not the only one
NV 5 and all!
don't hate me, but i got it on my very first try at MP5.

my bro in law did it like dozens of times, and on the time he finally got it, i was there helping and we ended up aggroing a champ pack, and elite pack and the warden at the same time, then the fight rolled over to where the ghost thing is that becomes mephisto or whatever and roused him as well. we died like 10 times each. thank the freaking gods he got the plan that time though, or we would have just felt ridiculous.
wow your survival is insame! 4k regen is crazy what mp can you do with that?
After multiple runs farming for myself and helping others obtain these plans ive seen 1 drop from Mp2, 1 drop from MP5 (my first drop), and 2 drops from MP6.

Runs before a drop
16 runs of MP2 - 1\16
2 runs of MP5 - 1\9
2 runs of MP6 - 2\7

seems i have pretty bad luck really considering 9 runs @ MP5 statistically should have produced 4 plans. maybe my next 2 runs will both produce drops. :s
I wish i hadn't lost count of how many key runs and what MP was set when id successfully gotten a key or random legendary, im pretty sure that MP6 has also been the sweat spot for key farming.

seems if i recorded a log for a years worth of farming id see a totally different % drop that stated by blizzard. 10% per MP - yea right.

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