Alternative to 2h Tempest rush

I have been messing around and found a pretty solid build im using it atm.
The build includes
wothf with blazing rune
SW/Blade storm
fleet footed passive

this is all ya need and i am running @ 49% run speed and clear just as fast as a TR build without the need for gg 2h or tons of spirit regen. just started using it but clocked myself at 60 mil in one hour. might be good for some others too i do plan on using this instead of tr.
Good build but i would like to add my opinion on this alternative

WotHF Fists of Fury
moc Submission
Wave of Light Pillar of awsome
Breath of Heaven infused with the Light
Blinding flash 30% damage
7SStrike fulmigation

1with Everything

i play with Loh and low dps but it still does the job i would use Sw/Blade storm but i like Bells!
ya man sounds good too what i gave was a bse and a can add what ever ya like to it. the blazing rune however is what adds the ms past cap

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