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Any Barbs out there who need some gear. I am a pretty reasonable guy.
Will post a list soon or you can look me up in game.

I have IK belts, boots, gloves, and a help as well as a fair few amulets and rings.
I could use a ring for my barb. Been trying to gear him well just dont have the gold to chest/belt ik and the rest good legendaries/rares so went cheap ik gear build...I can do mp1 :D

Demon hunter is boring now i've tasted barb, just feels more powerful while playing
im a kiwi barb :P but i sure could use some upgrades
@Jasian, if you don't like it, don't comment. I am just trying to help some guys out.

Here are the IK items I have for sale, mates rates. I might even give away to a good home, as long as you don't sell them yourselves.
Here are the other items. I am unsure of prices, but some are worth a bit.

Make me an offer
can i use some :D
@BossGen, what more would you want to change apart from the rings??
Yes I have another account as Remus
See you in game tonight! Really interested in the Sinister Locket
get all the boys together ay

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