I have 70m... Wat is the best manti I can get

Demon Hunter
I have a 2soc one.. Base dps is quite low 946dps.. In my profile

Been trying for months to get upgrad another manticore.. But it seems like 70m gets you nothing nowadays..

Any DH has a spare good manticore to sell? Or advice roughly wat can I get from the 70m

If it is really good, you may see the items in my profile to see which one you like.. Imwill throw in as well...

Thank you! I want a better manticore!!
70 should get you 1100ish 2 socket dex, maybe a bet less dps, but still a decent upgrade over what you have now. 1150 is where the price goes up exponentially. Im saving 150-200M for a good 1150ish dps 2 socket.
Understood... If any DH got a spare one which is still much better than mine please let know...

I am willing to buy
do you use the DH DPS sheet? trust me on this one.. there are a lot of single socket manticores that are cheap but underrated. they are actually better than some 2 socket ones. I just checked out one of the best 2 socket ones on the AH for 70m.. i found mine was stronger by 1k or so and i didn't get mine for 70m, i got it for much less. my point is, 2 sockets may seem attractive but take into consideration single sockets that have high base DPS
use d3up's damage calc.

I use that extensively when trying to get upgrades.. Saved me about 50mil.. since.. I was supposed to buy this item for 50mil.. good thing I didn't.. 'coz it'll just up my DPS by 5k.. Then I bought something for 3mil(15m more for the Emerald) that increased by DPS by 12k. LOL.
Sorry for my ignorant... Where can I get the calculator? If it idiot proof? I am v bad with worksheets...
it's pretty easy to use.

B4 I get thatnsheet.. A ballpark figure'will do...

Mine is base dps is 946...2 soc. If can equip 1 with one exactly the same dex, vit stats. Base dps 1346.. Assuming all the gems inserted is the same? The loss of 100cd can be made up of the 400 base dps?

I am confused..
Ok.. Will use that when I get home from biz trip this Sunday... Now i am just very curious....
i can't say 100% sure but i'm guessing that yes. remember that crit damage is based on your base damage as well. lower crit but high base dmg could equate to high crit with low base. but i can't give the correct ratio for that. the sheet works, use once and you'll never stop using this sheet again. give it some time. don't rush these things because there will always be a good buy in the market.
Hi Robbie, appreciate your help!
I have this for 50m:

191 dex
11% attack speed
86% crit damage

add me ingame if interested o/
I'd go for a 1300+ ~200dex 85%+ CD single socket if I were you. You should be able to pickup one within your budget. But like everyone else said, do an AH search, find the best 2 socket and single socket you can afford, put them both in a dps calculator to see what will net you the best dps.
I bought the one in my profile for 60M.
Let´s face it:

1. The price of mid-level Manticores is falling rapidly since the release of patch 1.05.

--> Buying a 70 Mio Manticore now may well result in a weapon that´s worth less than half before the month´s end.

2. The midlevel-Manticores with 2 sockets (and I count the ones that are currently at around 50-100 mio as such) are overpriced. There are several other choices of weapons with 1 (or even 0 slots) available for less which may yield comparable or better dps. Raw weapon´s damage and stats on the weapon can easily (speaking from the point of gold per dps) compensate for the 2nd socket on Manticores with medium weapon´s damage.
The one in my profile I got for only 70 million. It was way too good a price to pass up. The funny thing is I was looking at a lot of the two socketed ones and was surprised to punch these into a DPS calculator and realize how wayyy overpriced a lot of them are. Especially ones that have just Intelligence rolls on them.
I bought the manti in my profile for less than 10 million. Trust me prices on average to above average 2 socket manticores are dropping like a rock. Just be patient and wait out the overpriced junk on ah currently. With 70 mill you can get a 1150 dex 2 soc with high crit.
Yeah I can't believe how cheap some of the manticores are getting. I am a Windforce user, but due to a few complaints about the knockback I decided to spend a little on a cheap Manticore as backup.

I found a 1307 DPS single socket Manticore with 85%+ CD for 20M, blew me away. I know, not exactly a top end Manticore and it had no dex, but it was over 1300 dps, had decent CD, and even had over 500 LOH. It's higher DPS than my Windforce I paid 140M for.
paid 7m for mine... wait for some fool to drop one in the AH and snatch that puppy up ASAP!
11/15/2012 12:31 PMPosted by kkmmnn
paid 7m for mine... wait for some fool to drop one in the AH and snatch that puppy up ASAP!

Really? Wow. Sir, you actually got really lucky, most people don't get that lucky. I've sat there hitting refresh plenty of times for long periods and nada. :P

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