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Dear Support,

I have problem logging in to Diablo 3. The error is "This account has been suspended due to violation of service policies. Please check the account's registered email address for more information" (Error 53)

This happen when I tried to add 10 USD credit to my battlenet account using PayPal.

Maybe there's insufficient fund in my paypal account, that cause the account to be locked? I went through the FAQ for account suspended, but I did not receive any email from Blizzard on how to have my account unlocked.

I've already submit a ticket (ticket number SEA61899) for this request and tried calling the support phone for 2 days every few hours. Apparently all the phone line are closed and i keep getting the same response no matter what time i call.

I am in the Philippines and the number i called is 1800-1-441-0663.

Kindly expediate the resolution or at least give some idea on how to have this solve.

Please assist. Thanks.
It sounds like you have already done all you can. The only way to dispute an account action is to submit a ticket and then wait. Posting on the forums will not result in special treatment for anyone. They treat everyone the same and everyone has to wait in the same line. Best of luck.
got kicked from the game with the same problem just now, while i have an inbox in my mail 3 days ago..

This Diablo III account has been locked due to an auction-related issue. Until this issue is resolved, the account will be unavailable for play. Access to the Diablo III auction house is restricted until the account is unlocked.

Contact Account Administration to recover access to the account:


Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo III Customer Support

To stop receiving Diablo III Auction House emails, click here.

just send the ticket, waiting for reply....
same thing happened to me, no idea why, i just added my authenticator
file a ticket...
still no reply yet, sigh =\
til now still havent receive any reply ticket.... what should i do ???

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