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"See title for instructions."
@Kensei, looks like you're trying to run a blizzard rush build without 24% MS. Try and get your hands on some Inna's or crit Lacunis; worth taking a little bit of a DPS hit for them.
@ AS00

Witching Hour belt.

(to anyone looking at mine, I got a new weapon this morning, black 970 DPS dagger, 166 INT, LS, OS, so I'm all set on that for a bit)
@maysrill trifecta gloves

The most obvious upgrade is a new Hell Fire ring. Need to get some crit or atk speed on that other ring.

Beyond that, its just a matter of incremental improvements of the same type of gear that you are useing now.

AP on Crit on your off hand so that you can switch out your helm for a mempo.

sorry for skipping you the first time becasue was responding to May but yougot yours in before mine.
@oogliefrank - Your helm. I know they're not cheap but a crit chance mempo would do wonders.
Don't do me. I was using my crappy CM/WW gear. - is my normal profile
@ shine - nice gear man, I guess look into upgrading your rare ring or ammy next
@ Mcurley

That's a nicely rolled shield, but I would say that a Triumvirate is your cheapest upgrade bang for buck.

I really need help, I have no idea what I am doing with my character anymore.
@Mcurley I would look into replacing your shield for a good APOC/CC Source. Or a Tri. For the Arcane dmg increase since it seems your using Archon.

Please feel free to multiple comment me! lol
@ Keyser (sorry posted before me)

Pants, you need some vit or open sockets on those depths.
@Nefarius Maybe a Chantodo's Force or a new pair of pants. Blackthorne's or some Inna's pants.
i could probably use 12 replies

Please follow instructions

Please follow instructions

@Smartdrive I would get a witching hour as a next viable upgrade

Because no movement speed on boots get some lacunis with similar stats.
Works wonders.

Same for you. Get some lacunis.

Same for you. Get some lacunis.

@Smartdrive I've upgraded gear today, just hasn't loaded yet. Have lacunis, and chandotos orb

Maybe switch to Evocation instead of glass cannon. For gear, Chandotos Force with APOC (if you can afford it), and the set bonus is really nice as well.

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