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High dmg range trium

Nice gears. TR Ammy? But I guess you already have one and just use that Amulet for MF lol.
rare ring with more dex for you novice imo.

High dmg range trium

Thanks, I'm having a hard time trying to find a trium that's not VERY expensive and that will add some good dps. The problem is: my trium has a lot of int, so it kinda compensates the ''low'' dmg :|
Any help would be appreciated :)
11/23/2012 04:31 PMPosted by Treydor
Any help would be appreciated :)

Your bracers are probably your next upgrade. (More INT, the rest looks good) Rings after that.

I think you would benefit most with getting a new helm or source that has AP on Crit. Your spec is almost all cold damage and you have enough crit chance to make it noticable almost imediately. You would then be able to swap out your prodigy passive skill with cold blooded for the bonus 20% damage to enemies effected by cold.

You have a nice build going all tho your life and CC is low, maybe a Storm Crow with CC, and also maybe some Vit gems, but by the way you look you know what you need, I have a storm crow helm just like yours and i swapt out that one for one with CC and now I have better CC and survivability, but that's my play style .

Pretty solid overall - if I were you I'd try and get pickup radius on a pair of Vile Wards and then replace your gloves with trifaca gloves for a big dps boost.
I'd pick up new shoulders for about 20m, +70-100 vit. And if you have deep pockets, trifecta amulet.
Absinthe, maybe some new pants might be in order.
I'd pick up new shoulders for about 20m, +70-100 vit. And if you have deep pockets, trifecta amulet.

Yep, new Vile's are next on the agenda - only I need pickup on them, so they'll probably be closer to 100 million if I get 260+ Int on them - Vit would be a nice bonus.

Eventually I'll get a Tal Rasha amulet, but it'll need crit chance so I can go off Glass Cannon and retain all my current armor/ar bonuses.
11/23/2012 07:18 PMPosted by WildOne1973
Absinthe, maybe some new pants might be in order.

Definitely high crit/ias lacuni's for your CM. Will be pricey though...
:( damn i got skipped.
next upgrade imo should be the rare ring. Can go for same stats but 1 with Average dmg and vit.

Good luck with mine coz i know i need to upgrade alot on it ;p
The weapon is my first choise & the second one the fire walkers.
@ Lethans

From what I see everything on you looks amazing. The only thing I'd say is maybe getting Andariel's Visage with 10% or lower extra fire damage. But thats not a big deal.

Im fairly new to wizard, I got board with not being able to find anything worth upgrading on my barb :)
all ur items is good but it all over the place. however, if u keep it like that. it be fine too. just exchange ur bracer with a lacuni
Dump innas pants for just about anything else. You're already getting max MS from lacuni and boots, no reason to wear such horrendously awful pants.
I feel like you could get gloves with crit damage too
most your stuff is hella nice though
@nck you have no gear to rate

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