does anyone still farm whimshire?

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you sound hot, wanna date?

I'm sorry, but dating a CM as a Diablo customer is against the Code of Conduct:

section 10 c line 12

She is though FYI:

Pictures explain why she's always so ..... perrrrrrky. I <3
Where is the purple bunnies from Blizzcon? I never saw those in whimseyshire :(
i guess it's an alright place to let some steam out when you had a long exhausting farming hours. besides, the eye candy color is pretty soothing comparing to d3's actual blandish environment.
11/08/2012 08:20 PMPosted by Wrathofrecca
I'm sorry, but dating a CM as a Diablo customer is against the Code of Conduct:

in the future, one must never tell anyone you're a blizzard customer, even irl
I wouldn't say farm it, but I use those delicious ponies to get my stacks up for the Inferno Machine. Fair density of elites, and I like the way the critters explode.
Noticing a trend toward familiarity with customers in reps. I wonder if they understand the road they are traveling down when they behave this way. Not saying they should or shouldn't but they can consider what happens when even the reps are "oh snap"-ing and such.

It took me a bit to remember whimsyshire was there at all when MP hit and I started messing around in A1 again. Whimsy could use a guaranteed pinata to round it out.
Pony level is much tougher compared to Act 3, those flowers bears and ponies hit like a truck
last time i went there on inferno i found a rare that costed 91 gold....
have chiltara here in my game right now. (inferno)
whisper me in game if you want to kill/see if the gibbering gemstone spawns.
i don't mind farming inferno whimsy except for the fact that the ultimate troll legendary still drops there (spectrum). I understand the leg is a whimsy only drop but atleast remove it from inferno whimsy.
If Whimsyshire "hurts your eyes", you obviously don't: watch television, watch movies, have kids, browse the internet and most importantly, go outside.

What do I, Douglas Macarthur and Tom Cruise have in common? That's right, RAYBANS.
Cleared it with friends on MP5 a couple of times after 1.05, no dough. Definitely not worth it.
11/08/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Chimaeric
i might be more willing to do it if it didn't have what feels like a 3 minute event to spawn it every time.

you can skip annoying character dialogues by smashing the space bar key at the speed of light, i hope you knew that...

otherwise: you are welcome.
this is all well and great, but can somebody please tell us what the secret is for those ridiculous pages referring to lost? it's time to let the cat out of the bag. seriously, i had to stash mine on my son's account so they don't take up space. and i know if i throw them away, the use will be discovered, and i will have to farm them again...

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